Residents of Midvale Heights are invited to join the Midvale Heights Community Association.

Join the Midvale Heights Community Association!

Membership updates for 2020:

The MHCA Board voted in February, to change the registration period to two years. (Actually, back to two, It was year to year membership from 1954 to 1962, then two year from 1963 to 2011, when it went down to year to year again).

February-2020-Area-Directors-meeting-minutes See 7. MHCA Website:

And, they are only going to issue 1 discount card, so, the person that is most likely to use the discount card, should be added as adult one.

Registration has been delayed. At this time we are not sure when we will open registration for a two year membership period.

MHCA Members will receive one Residents Discount Card, a joint project of local merchants and MHCA to promote local businesses and benefit neighborhood association members. This card can be used for discounts at participating stores, restaurants, and other services, quickly exceeding your annual Association dues. Only one card per household, the first adult's name in the registry will be on the card.

MHCA dues are $30 for a 2 year membership period, per household, The dues are used for several things, including:
  • support the Good Neighbor Project (formally the Neighborhood Watch),
  • publish the bi-monthly Newsletter, the Midvale Messenger,
  • print the MHCA Membership Directory,
  • support the Green team plantings,
  • youth baseball leagues,
  • neighborhood garage sale,
  • Santa visits,
  • maintain the website,
  • and the annual Neighborhood Picnic.

And, in addition, we are always ready to consider new initiatives suggested by residents.

MHCA offers many opportunities for residents ready to take leadership and expand services to our neighborhood. We encourage you to become a member and also become involved by donating whatever resources you can.

We need a volunteer to be Membership Chairman and a volunteer to be the Newsletter Editor for 2020!

* Note, not currently active.

Membership is $30 for a two year period.

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