The Building Bridges Project

Learn About the Building bridges Project in Our Neighborhood!!

Our neighbors and school children came together and built a beautiful gateway to Midvale Elementary School. They are also growing and harvesting food from our new community garden. See the public art along Midvale Boulevard. These are all aspects of the new community building project at Midvale Elementary School.

Over the years, our neighbors have come together to enhance the place where we live. From the Buffalo garden along the bike path to the plantings on Tokay Boulevard, we've realized success. We are inspired to continue this important work through our "Building Bridges" project.

Through this project we hope to strengthen the relationship between the school and community, beautify our neighborhood, and foster civic pride in our neighborhood school. What an exciting learning experience it will be for our children and neighbors to contribute to our community in a very visible, tangible way!

We need your help to make this project a success.

Visit the Midvale Project website: http://MidvaleCommunityGarden.org/.
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