Midvale Heights Community Association
Area Director's meeting

The MHCA Directors meet from 6:45 PM to 8:45 PM on the fourth Tuesday of each month, except in December and July (in 2009 we added meeting in August).

The meetings are held at the Sequoya Public Library, 4340 Tokay Boulevard.
The meetings are free and open to the public.
The date of the next meeting is: September 24, 2019

You can access all the meetings' minutes from this link.

June 2019 MCHA Director's meeting minutes

chuckkrei Sunday 14 of July, 2019
      • DRAFT*** TUESDAY June 25, 2019, 6:45 pm ***DRAFT***
Present: J. Chipault, C. Kreimendahl, J. Cardin, J. Thoreson, E. Mackey, T. Jarvis, L. Raihala, G. Fischer, J. Lager, K. Reuter-Krohn
Also present: Cathy Elwell (First Church of Christ, Scientist); John Shillinglaw
1. Chipault called the meeting to order at 6:47 p.m.
2. Minutes from 5/28/19 reviewed. Motion/2nd to approve. Motion carried.
3. Treasurer’s Financial Report. Tabled in Rotter’s absence.
4. Flooding and Native Landscaping: Shillinglaw is a resident interested in MHCA residents planting prairie plants for flood damage and runoff control. He described other benefits including habitat for bees, etc. He was urged to consider a newsletter series, a plant exchange (perhaps on garage sale weekend), publicizing on Next Door, yard signs, coordinating with Marcel and Nancy with their prairie projects, and being a Good Neighbor Project meeting speaker.
5. Legislative reports: None.
6. President Replacement: With Chipault moving from MH soon, she will step down as President. Nomination/motion/2nd to seat Mackey as interim President. Motion carried.
7. Membership: Kreimendahl and Paul Haskew will assist Tom in preparing membership drive materials incl. directory and Discount Card.
8. Announcements: Picnic was a success and well-attended. HyVee returned $175 for unneeded or unused foodstuffs. Leftovers went to men’s shelter on the east side.
Raihala reiterated the final setup for the Segoe Concerts. Will be four food carts and a porta-potty each Friday. Lamb will send reminders to vendors. A bagpiper volunteered to do music pre-show and at intermission some Friday. Raihala will check with Rotter about signs for the nearby roads.
Chipault reminded Board that the early August swim meet in adjoining district may cause some parking problems in MH western edge.
Jarvis identified email forwarding problem that results in message blocking by some ISPs or email administrators. New server would not help the problem. May want to set up separate accounts for all Board members via MHCAArea#@gmail.com. Tabled to review in August with more input from absent Directors. Discussion about renting a server to replace our using Jarvis’.
Thoreson said that the Hilltop/Hillview decrepit abandoned house is up for sale.
Cardin announced that police horses would be at next Good Neighbor meeting on 7/9 at 5:30.
Meeting adjourned by motion at 8:10 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by C. Kreimendahl, Secy.

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