Midvale Heights neighborhood and local area parks

The city of Madison has over 250 parks and several of those parks are in the neighborhood of Midvale Heights. Follow the link below to an interactive map which shows the locations of Midvale Heights area parks and also has some information about them.

The parks are indicated by numbers and a letter code as assigned by the City of Madison parks division.

There are also a couple of locations of interest to Midvale Heights residents marked on the map, like the location of the Bison_Prairie_Gateway. The Gateway is not one of the City's parks, but it is adjacent to the "Southwest Commuter" bike trail and you can visit the bison sculptures or sit around the large sundial.

Interactive map of Midvale Heights area parks

Odana Hills Park
Odana Hills Pond
Odana Hills East Park
Odana School Park
Oak_Park_Heights (Piper park)

Map of Madison Parks provided by cityofmadison.com

For more information about Madison parks, including a map with all the Madison parks, you can visit the City of Madison Parks web page. There is also a Madison Parks Foundation web page.

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