MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

Minutes of the monthly Midvale Heights Community Association Area Director's meeting.

March 2005 MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

Tom Jarvis Saturday 26 of April, 2008
MARCH 22, 2005


Present: Nina Goldberger, Gary Poulsen, Jean Sweet, Margaret Hoffman, Dennis Lamb, Rita Meihsner, Reinnie Meihsner, Tom Jarvis, Jane Sherwood, Dan Nason, Colleen Brown, Janice Gary, Scott Sussman, Kay Krohn, David Krohn, and George Merriman

Also attending: Jim Baumann, Paul Borowsky and other gentlemen from the Westside Senior Coalition

1. Introduction: Those present at the meeting introduced themselves

2. Minutes: The minutes of the February 22, 2005, meeting were approved

3. Treasurer’s report: R. Rotter was not present but he did provide a detailed paper report, which showed an ending cash balance of 6,933.02.

4. County report: R. Fyrst was unable to attend the meeting, and there was no county report.

5. City report: C. Thomas was unable to attend the meeting, and there was no city report.

6. Senior Center: Paul Borowsky and other gentlemen from the Westside Senior Center reported to the board that the West Madison Senior Coalition were strongly considering looking to build the new West Madison Senior Center at the Odana School Park. The purpose of the presentation was to inform the neighborhood association and get input about the board’s thoughts on this matter. The board asked a number of questions and seemed generally supportive of the idea. The board asked that it continue to be updated as further progress is made on the possible Senior Center at the Odana School Park. The West Madison Senior Coalition also provided Scott Susman with a draft copy of the their proposal for a New West Madison Senior Center.

7. Odana Pond: The board heard a presentation from Jim Baumann about his concerns with the Madison Gas & Electric diversion of water from Odana Pond. The board also received a copy of his letter to various officials on this matter. The board determined to form a committee to work with Madison Gas & Electric on this matter. On this committee were Gary Poulsen, Jim Baumann, Dennis Lamb, and Jean Sweet. Jean also mentioned that other area residents may be interested in joining this committee and would ask them if they were interested. Gary Poulsen advised the board that he would seek out to talk to the appropriate gentlemen about this matter.

8. Midvale Plaza: Concerns were expressed about the lack of information about future development of the Midvale Plaza. The board unanimously adopted an editorial to be placed in the Midvale Messenger, Wisconsin State Journal, and Capital Times to express the board’s concerns. In addition, the board formally asked Gary Poulsen to contact the owner’s of the Midvale Plaza to inquire about how they planned to inform the neighborhood association and neighbors about their future development plans.

9. Formal Questions for Candidates: Some potential questions for Scott Sussman proposed candidates for future elections. The board supported the idea of having questions, but decided to hold off on adopting questions until other board members had an opportunity to develop other ones. It was recommended that the board address this issue at its next meeting in April.

10. Advertisements in Messenger: It was noted companies that had previously advertised in the Midvale Messenger owed that over $1,600. It was also noted that Ron Rotter and his wife this past Sunday March 17 had sent bills to the various companies whom had not previously paid their bills. Scott Sussman mentioned that Ron Rotter had suggested that the bills be paid in advance in the future to avoid this problem. The board held off a decision on this matter until the next meeting.

11. Grant Application: It was noted that Rachel Martin had sent an initial letter of application for the City of Madison’s 2005 Neighborhood Grants Program. This grant application is for funds to conduct a community building project at Midvale Elementary School. A copy of her letter was distributed to the board.

12. Safe Community Coalition crosswalk: The board determined it did not want to participate in this program.

13. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:40.

November 2004 MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

Tom Jarvis Saturday 26 of April, 2008
Midvale Heights Community Association
Board of Directors Meeting
November 22, 2004

Present: K. Krohn (presiding), C. Henige, G. Poulson, J. Sweet, M. Silbernagel, M. Hoffman, N. Goldberger, R. Rotter, J. Watson, D. Nason, J. Gary, R. Meihsner, T. Jarvis,
G. Merriman (newsletter)

Also Present: Rachel Martin, Nancy Gutkenchet, Jerry Kotnour, John Fahrney (city) &
Michael Trotter (city)

  1. Introductions: Those present introduced themselves. The board created an agenda for tonight’s meeting.
  2. Minutes: Minutes of the 10/26/04 meeting were approved.
  3. Treasurer’s Report: R. Rotter presented the report. Specifically the revenues and expenditures for the 50th anniversary party were reviewed. R. Meihsner presented a report on the 50th anniversary party. J. Sweet asked about what was available for Tokay Blvd replanting. Jean reminded members that the city has a matching fund for those expenditures. The board discussed water use at the Gateway. Greg Bell prepared a watering plan. The extra cost of the water to the Schappe’s was minimal. As a thank you to the Schapee’s for use of their water, Jean Sweet moved that the board provide a cash gift of $ 50. The motion was adopted.
  4. Mr. Fahrney and Mr. Trotter described the sidewalk replacement program, its goals and timetable for Midvale Heights replacement work. A description of the review process was also provided. At the heart of the program are the ADA regulations. The cost of replacing a segment is $ 180 which the city contributes ½. Jerry Kotnour raised several questions regarding the City’s process on reviewing and marking sidewalks. He feels that his sidewalk segments are fine and that he could repair cracking much cheaper than the city. Also he feels that other nearby dangerous sidewalks have been ignored. Mr. Fahrney raised citizen liability if the owner of the property repaired sidewalks not according to city specifications. It was suggested that city representatives meet with Mr. Kotnour again to review his specific concerns.
  5. Members were told that the History books would arrive on December 1st. They will divided by area and area directors would pickup their arrive and distribute.
  6. A presentation made by Rachel Martin & Nancy Gutkenchet about a landscape and entry way project at Midvale School. A model of the project was presented. The idea would be to install this entryway feature on the Midvale side of the school near the ball diamond. The hope was to partner with the school and nearby neighborhoods for the financial support and installation. There are also several public grant programs that could be approached. It could be a communitybuilding project. It would also create a beautiful public space. This presentation will be made to the Westmorland neighborhood. The initial feedback from the school was positive. The Board deferred action until a specific amount was requested.
  7. Rachel also provided information concerning upcoming hearings regarding the Monroe/Regent intersection and the impact that redesign could have on users of the Southwest path. The meeting was initially set for December but will delayed be until January.
  8. Tom Jarvis reported on some enhancements to the website to make navigation easier.
  9. It was reported that 26 people took part in the fall clean up of the Tokay medians.
  10. Elections for officers was postponed until the next meeting.
  11. Meeting adjourned @ 8:50 pm.