MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

January 2013 Area Directors' Meeting Minutes

Tom Jarvis Monday 25 of February, 2013

Midvale Heights Community Association

Board Meeting

January 22, 2013


Board Members Present: Kreimendahl, Poulson, Thoreson, Schell, Lamb, Haskew, Jarvis, Rotter, Stautz,Chipault, Armstrong, Lager, Reuter-Krohn

Others: Cathy Rotter, Janice Gary, Maurice Cheeks, Jason Butler and Ed Rogers

1. Call to order and Introductions. Meeting was called to order by J. Thoreson and introductions were made.

2. Election of new directors. Thoreson stated that Ed Rogers and Jason Butler were interested in joining the Board for areas 11 and 13. M. J Armstrong she would be happy to continue as a co-director for area 13. Motion to approve the candidates was made and approved unanimously.

3. Minutes. Minutes for November 27, 2012 were approved.

4. Treasurer’s Report. No written report tonight but R. Rotter indicated very little change since November’s meeting.

5. Bison Prairie/Bike Path. Janice Gary reported that a location had been selected as the first choice for a rest area adjacent to the bike path near the Bison Prairie. It would be located south of the bike path A map was circulated for members to view. This choice would be forwarded to the City. There is a water source nearby for a possible water fountain and source for the watering the plantings at Bison Prairie. Some discussion about the Community Association’s responsibility for upkeep was had by the Board. There would need to have some money available for the annual burn at the Prairie Cost was estimated at $260.

6. Membership Committee. P. Haskew reported on the committee’s activities. Some discussion on the upcoming directory. A suggestion was made to delete end list of addresses.

7. Parks and Social Events. D. Lamb proposed a recognition dinner for block captains. The purpose would be a thank you for their efforts . The dinner could be a buffet or lower key event than a dinner with a minimal cost for spouses/partners. Other ideas included free membership for block captains for recruiting new members. Also discussed was a wine tasting event. Lamb would contact Westmorland assoc. for the mechanics of their annual tasting. Some interest was expressed over Park improvements at Slater and Segoe Parks. Included were more seating areas and possibly a little library. There was also some interest in a dog park for the Westside.

8. Other Business. Thoreson reported on the proposed market at Sequoya Commons. The prospective owner has set up a meeting with the Westmorland assoc.board members and members of our board were also invited to participate. The market was intending to sell wine and beer and has applied for liquor license.

9. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

Minutes by Gary Poulson, Secretary