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Temporary Drawdown of Odana Hills Golf Course Ponds

Published Monday, 10/14/19 07:48pm - Expires Wednesday, 10/30/19 07:48pm - (50 Reads)
The City is going to temporarily drawdown the ponds at the Odana Hills Golf Course over the next two weeks. The purpose is to gain additional storage in the ponds to help construction of a project downstream. We have been coordinating this with the WDNR, MG&E, and the various City agencies.

The drawdown will start this week and end October 28th.

The Draft 2020-2024 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for the Madison Metropolitan Area & Dane County is now available for review and comment.

Published Wednesday, 08/21/19 03:57pm - Expires Friday, 09/20/19 05:00pm - (196 Reads)
The TIP lists major transportation improvements and studies anticipated to be undertaken during the next five-year period. The draft document has been posted on the MPO’s website here.

Comments regarding the federally funded projects or any of the other listed projects should be submitted to the MATPB by Friday, September 20.

The following is the date and location of the public hearing on the draft TIP, which provides an opportunity to provide comments in person to the board. MPO staff is also available to meet and answer questions, discuss projects, and take comments.

Public Hearing
Wednesday, September 4 at 6:30 p.m.
City - County Building
210 MLK Jr. Blvd., Room 351

Bill Schaefer, Transportation Planning Manager
Madison Area Transportation Planning Board - An MPO
121 S. Pinckney St., #400
Madison, WI 53703
PH: (608) 266-9115

Restore the Land, Become a Leader: Arboretum Restoration Team Leader Training

Published Monday, 08/19/19 01:55pm - Expires Wednesday, 09/25/19 11:55pm - (119 Reads)
Do you enjoy working with others while taking care of the Earth? If so, we encourage you to become a Restoration Team Leader. You will develop professional ecological skills, practice the land ethic, and give back to your community.

Team leaders play a critical role in restoring Arboretum prairies and savannas by supervising other volunteers at Saturday morning ecological restoration work parties. They also gain invaluable personal and professional experience as they learn about native ecosystems and plants, manage and maintain native landscapes, and develop leadership and communication skills. Team leaders get to know the Arboretum and how it works in every season.

Restoration Team Leader Training will begin October 2, 2019 and costs $100; deadline for the application is September 25. You will participate in an extensive training that includes working outdoors, online and in-class time, and Adult First Aid/CPR/AED Certification. We ask for a big commitment, and we provide a unique and enduring opportunity in leadership and ecological restoration. For more information (including position description, schedule, and application form), please contact Marian Farrior at (608) 265-5214 or .

Marian Farrior
Restoration Work Party Manager
(608) 265-5214

UW-Madison Arboretum
1207 Seminole Highway
Madison, WI 53711

2019 Playgrounds - Group 1 Workshop Meeting

Published Monday, 10/01/18 02:32pm - Expires Friday, 10/19/18 07:00pm - (215 Reads)
The 2019 Playgrounds – Group 1 workshop for Doncaster, Lucia Crest, Segoe, William Slater and Walnut Grove Parks is scheduled for October 18th, 2018 at 6:00 pm at Sequoya Library (4340 Tokay Blvd).

Notices will be posted in each park and over 2,300 postcards will be sent this week to area residents (typically those residing within a ¼ mile radius of each park) announcing the meeting.

This is the first of two input sessions for each playground replacement and, if you’re unable to attend the first workshop, staff meeting notes will be posted to the Parks Division website afterward. I’m in the process of finalizing the second meeting dates and will have this information available at the workshop.

If residents are interested in raising additional funds for their playground, the Madison Parks Foundation is a 501(3)c organization that works with the Parks Division in allocating donations to specific park projects. Please note, the Foundation is primarily a fiduciary agent for donations, they do not organize or lead capitol campaigns for park improvement projects.

With a goal of system-wide equity in mind, Parks is limiting the amount of fundraising to 10% of the project equipment budget – which would be an amount just over $3,000 for a neighborhood playground replacement if the full fundraising goal is met. Amounts raised in excess of the fundraising limit can be directed to parks-system wide improvements.

Madison Parks Foundation website:

While we will discuss fundraising in greater depth at the workshop we generally ask residents to notify Parks of their anticipated fund raising goal (not receipt of funds – just an understanding of intent) approximately two weeks after the first workshop so the proposed designs can be adjusted accordingly. Since this time frame can feel tight especially for neighborhoods that will need to get the effort underway from the ground up – we want to offer this early ‘heads up’.

Please let me know if you have questions at this time.


Kathleen Kane, PLA CPSI
Landscape Architect
Parks Division, City of Madison
City-County Building, Room 104
210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
Madison, WI 53703
(608) 261-9671
(608) 267-1162 fax

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Leaf mulch: good for the flowerbed, good for the watershed

Published Thursday, 09/27/18 01:53pm - Expires Saturday, 10/27/18 01:53pm - (259 Reads)
by Tim Kuhman (Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at Edgewood College and Friends of Lake Wingra board member)

Every autumn as the days get noticeably shorter and the trees throughout my neighborhood begin to drop their leaves, I watch as frustrated homeowners tackle the Sisyphean task of raking those leaves off their yards and out of the streets. They rake and re-rake as the wind blows their neat piles around and new leaves continue to fall incessantly for weeks or months. For some, this task is all about maintaining a neatly manicured lawn. While others realize that being a good steward of our Madison lakes requires vigilant raking of leaves so they don’t end up in the storm water drains and, ultimately, in the lakes where they decompose and release their nutrients into the already nutrient-laden lake water, leading to an overabundance of aquatic plants and algae. Regardless of the reason, raking all those leaves is viewed by most as an obligation.

I, on the other hand, see opportunity in all those falling leaves! Instead of feeling the burden of having to dispose of them, I think of the benefits and beauty they will bring to my flowerbeds the following year as leaf mulch. Turning those leaves into mulch takes little more effort than raking them into piles for the city to pick up, and keeping those leaves on your property means you won’t need to purchase mulch or fertilizer for your flowerbeds ever again.

Leaf mulch is my preferred form of mulch for flowerbeds: it is easy to spread, looks nice, substantially reduces growth of weeds, and decomposes to provide valuable nutrients and organic matter that continually improves garden soil. While it was once possible to purchase leaf mulch in the Madison area, it is no longer being sold by garden centers due to the risk of spreading the recently introduced Asian jumping worms. However, by collecting the leaves from your own property and turning them into leaf mulch, you can simultaneously help protect our lakes from excess nutrient inputs and produce high-quality leaf mulch that will improve your flowerbeds and save you money.

Dane County Flood information Website

Published Wednesday, 08/29/18 11:42pm - Expires Sunday, 09/30/18 11:42pm - (215 Reads)
Over the last few weeks, Dane County has experienced some of the worst flooding we have ever seen. This tragedy has brought our community together and I have been heartened by the incredible demonstrations of neighbors helping neighbors. Our first responders once again rose to the occasion.

In the months ahead we will learn the extent of the damage to homes, businesses and infrastructure. Dane County Emergency Management will work with municipalities to help apply for relief.

What we are seeing in our community is that climate change is real and will present more severe weather patterns – the extent to with we have never seen. We must pull together as a community, as a state and as a country to make infrastructure changes that can handle more severe weather while also addressing fossil fuel emissions. Dane County will continue to lead the way when it comes to addressing climate change and we urge other municipalities, counties and the state to join our efforts. As we have seen it is too important to not address.

Dane County created a website that houses all of our resources to help those affected by the recent floods. For more information and up to date resources please go to: https://dcflood.countyofdane.com/

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi

Madison Flood Information Website

Published Friday, 08/24/18 12:21pm - Expires Sunday, 09/30/18 12:21pm - (1155 Reads)
The City of Madison has created a website dedicated to information and updates about local flooding. The website is regularly updated with maps, road closures and other information for motorists and property owners. Please use this site to stay safe and informed!


The UW Arboretum is working on a strategic plan for the next five years and would like public input.

Published Thursday, 08/23/18 11:48pm - Expires Sunday, 09/30/18 06:34pm - (194 Reads)
We would appreciate your response to this brief (10–15 minute) survey, which includes questions about the visitor experience as well as our mission-related work. Thank you for your participation. Your ideas and insights will be valuable to us. Take the survey by September 30th.

Marian Farrior
Restoration Work Party Manager
(608) 265-5214

UW-Madison Arboretum
1207 Seminole Highway
Madison, WI 53711

City of Madison Neighborhood Indicators (NIP) 2017 Edition is now available

Published Monday, 08/06/18 02:54pm - Expires Saturday, 08/18/18 02:54pm - (242 Reads)
The City of Madison Neighborhood Indicators (NIP) 2017 Edition is now available in a brand new website. The NIP is a tracking system designed to follow neighborhoods' wellness over time. You can use the tracking system to view specific topics and associated indicators for 3 geographies: the City of Madison, Planning Districts, and Neighborhood Associations. The tracking system provides info for various topic areas (People and Place, Community Action and Involvement, Housing Quality and Availability, Public Safety, Health and Family Well-Being, Economic Vitality, and Transportation). You can easily find out info about your neighborhood – and find other areas in Madison that you might want to work on similar issues with. By the way, the maps are so easy to use!

The use of the City of Madison NIP will be new to some of you. The City will be providing training sessions late Summer/Early Fall. We are hoping to share examples of how other neighborhood groups have used/are using the NIP in their neighborhood work.

In the meantime, we have 3 actions we would like to suggest you to consider:

1. Explore the new web site to view your neighborhood indicators. Just click here.
Make sure to select the right geography on the top of the map. Pick either the tab Plan District OR Neighborhood Association. Just pay attention to the color: Blue map is showing Plan Districts; Green map is showing Neighborhood Associations.

2. Please, give us a score!
We welcome any feedback about the content, the interface, or anything else you wish to suggest. Once you have explored the NIP website, just click here to give us feedback.

3. Please, help us to spread theword.
Forward this email to other neighbors or others within your network. Any comment/feedback from community members will be much appreciated.

We hope you will find this neighborhood level data useful for your work.

For any question, feel free to email Milena Bernardinello at . Thank you.

Milena Bernardinello, PhD
Healthy Community Planner
Data and GIS specialist

City of Madison
Department of Planning & Community & Economic Development,
Planning Division

126 S. Hamilton St. - PO BOX 2985
Madison, WI 53701-2985
Tel: 608-267-1994 -Fax: 608-266-6377

Web: [www.cityofmadison.com[

Westfest at Elver Park: “An Investment in Community Building”

Published Tuesday, 07/10/18 11:52pm - Expires Saturday, 07/14/18 07:00pm - (213 Reads)
Saturday, July 14, 2018
11:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Elver Park, 1250 McKenna Blvd., Madison

Westfest at Elver Park is a fun-filled, intergenerational summer festival of family fun, food and lively entertainment highlighting the diversity of our neighborhoods, building community pride, with collaboration and support from partner agencies, organizations, businesses, homeowner and neighborhood associations. For more info contact: Contact: Barbara Harrington-McKinney,
Alder, District 1, 608.266.4071,

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