Midvale Heights area map

Midvale Heights Community Association Area Map

Madison Neighborhood Profile map

The map below, including the map key, is from the City of Madison's web page
titled Welcome to Midvale Heights Community Association. You can find it
at this link: http://www.cityofmadison.com/neighborhoods/profile/53.html.

City of Madison's Midvale Heights Neighborhood map

An interactive map of with information about the local area parks is available at this link.

Click on this map to go to MapQuest web page with a map of the Midvale Heights area.
Link to MapQuest

Old Midvale Heights area map

A scan from a 1908 topographical map of the Midvale Heights area. The road that sort of fades out in the middle was Piper Road. It was renamed to Odana Road in 1916.

City of Madison, District 10 map

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