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How Should I Report an Emergency, Incident or Crime?

  • If it’s happening NOW, dial 911
  • To report an incident that occurred previously, or if you have information to share with police, use the non-emergency dispatch number: 255-2345
  • To file a Citizen Self-Report for incidents like damage to property, ID theft or a stolen bicycle, use the Madison Police Department’s self-report form: https://www.cityofmadison.com/police/selfreport/selfReport.cfm


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Past Tours and Classes

Madison Central District HQ and 911 Center Tours — Self-Defense Class

MeetingChief2.jpg 911Center662015.jpg SelfDefense1.jpg
We offered a behind-the-scenes tour of the Madison Police Central District Headquarters and the 911 Center which gave us a better understanding of the job dispatchers do. The tour of the Madison Police headquarters, led by Chief Koval, included a visit to his office, the many conference rooms where various briefings and press events are held, a photo display of every officer, current and historical crime facts and much more. We also offered a self-defense class with instructors Charles Dean and Billie Buss from the Academy of Hwa Rang Do www.hrdmadwest.com/ who taught us some helpful hand moves and joint manipulations for self-protection.

Police HQ Tour w/ Chief Koval — NBC15 Tour w/Morgan Wolfe — WKOW Tour w/ Bob Lindmeier

Group_Picture10242015.jpg NBC15Tour WKOW_Tour_62115.jpg
Chief Koval’s Central District Tour was so popular we offered it a second time. Morgan Wolfe showed us around the new NBC15 studio where we saw the various studios, some of the news anchors and even practiced giving weather reports against a green screen. We also toured the WKOW studios with meteorologist Bob Lindmeier, he showed us how their local news broadcasts are put together, and then did a live weather broadcast while we watched from the floor just feet away.

Training Facility Tour with Chief Koval

NW_TrainFacTour_21316.jpg ChiefAndElla.JPG Demo.jpg
Chief Koval took us on a tour of the Madison Police Department Training Center where we learned about the extensive training Madison Police Officers receive. We visited classrooms, the weight room, the scenario rooms, the firing range and more. Some of us even got to try out their squad car driving simulator.

VacationNotice.jpg MPD Vacation Watch
Planning a trip? In addition to stopping your mail and newspapers and asking a trusted neighbor to watch your property while you are gone, sign up for the MPD’s Vacation Watch and MPD will send extra patrols to your neighborhood as available. Click the vacation image to left to be taken to the MPD form.

Past Good Neighbor Project Monthly Events

When we meet again in person it's at the Midvale Community Lutheran Church 4329 Tokay Blvd, Madison, WI 53711 corner of Tokay and Midvale from 6:30-8pm

— 2020 Past Events/Speakers 

- On January 14th, Recycling Coordinator and City Streets PIO Bryan Johnson will answer your recycling and snowplowing questions 

- On February 11th MPD Detective Roger Baker will share information about the human trafficking problem in Madison 

- On March 10th to learn about MPD’s Parking Enforcement Unit and their new ticketing system and ask your questions! 

- On July 14th via ZOOM learn about stress coping strategies 

- On August 4th join us via ZOOM for a Neighborhood Safety Meeting!

- On September 8th join us via ZOOM to learn how the American Red Cross serves residents

- On October 20th join us via ZOOM Ask an Expert Your COVID Questions!

— 2019 Past Events/Speakers 

- Tuesday, January 8th you’ll learn how the Dane County 911 emergency system works, what type of training dispatchers receive and what types of calls they take. And you’ll learn tips for being a better 911 caller and what to expect from a dispatcher during certain emergencies 

-Tuesday, March 12th join us to hear from physical therapist and athletic trainer Lori Thein Brody who will give us tips for safely easing into our favorite spring activities like gardening, hiking and biking

-Tuesday, April 9th join us and meet Sheriff Dave Mahoney. He'll speak about the new jail and recent news

-Tuesday, May 14th, find out how ReadyWisconsin keeps residents informed about and prepared for manmade and natural disasters and emergencies

- Tuesday, June 11th join us for “Living with Urban Wildlife” with UW Forest and Wildlife Ecology Professor, David Drake!

- Tuesday, July 9th at a special time of 5:30pm join us to greet the Mounted Patrol Horses from the Madison Police Department!

- Tuesday, August 6th, please join us to hear from DATCP identity theft expert, Jeff Kersten. He’ll show us how to recognize the red flags for the latest scams

- Tuesday, September 10th learn how MPD detectives investigate and solve crimes

- Tuesday, October 8th, meet an MPD K9 team and learn how they protect our community

- Tuesday, November 12th meet Beltline Bob and learn how he helps keep Beltline drivers safe!

- Tuesday, December 10th join us for a neighborhood safety Q&A with new MPD Midtown District Captain Jason Freedman!

— 2018 Past Events/Speakers 

- January 9th at 6:30pm meet the MPD’s Joel DeSpain who will join us to talk about what he does as the department’s busy Public Information Officer 

- Tuesday, February 13th at 6:30pm - Learn about the mental health crisis in our community from an MPD mental health officer and a Journey Mental Health crisis social worker 

- Tuesday, March 13th at 6:30pm - Ask the TSA Your Travel Safety Questions 

- Tuesday, April 10th at 6:30pm - Learn about the City's Building Inspection Division. Get answers to your questions before starting this season's home and yard projects 

- Tuesday, May 8th - Learn About Program That Helps Violent Offenders Turn Their Lives Around 

- Tuesday, June 12th - Learn about the Latest Scams and How to Protect Yourself 

- Tuesday, July 10th, see an MPD Drone Demonstration 

- Tuesday, August 7th, Learn About Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety 

- Tuesday, September 11th, Learn How to Survive an Active Shooter Incident 

- Tuesday, October 9th we’ll hear from an MPD Gang Unit officer who will talk about youth gang and gun violence in our area 

- Tuesday, November 13th join us and meet the MPD’s new Crime Prevention Officer. Learn how Improve your personal safety skills and about Ring Video Doorbells 

- Tuesday, December 11th please join us for our Holiday Social!

— 2017 Past Events/Speakers 

- Jan 10th Fire Safety canceled due to bad weather

- Feb 14th lovable Carren Corcoran and K9 Officer Slim

- March 14th “How the Heroin Epidemic Affects You” with Captain Cory Nelson and Detective Reggie Patterson

- April 18th "What Smart Actions Should You Take During or After a Burglary?"

- Get up close and personal with the MPD’s Mounted Patrol horses on Tuesday, June 13th at 5:30pm

- July 11th MG&E’s Jonathan Beers joins us to talk about power outage safety and preparation 

- August 8th - Learn How You and Your Family Can Stay Safe Online at our August Event 

- September 12th - Meet members of the Crime Prevention Team and learn valuable neighborhood crime prevention tips 

- October 10th - Meet Madison Fire Department’s Community Education Officer, Bernadette Galvez 

- November 14th - Meet J. McLellan from Dane County Emergency Management, and learn how you and your family can create your own disaster plan 

- December 12th - Second Annual Holiday Social featuring Police Chief Mike Koval and new Midtown Police Station Captain, Jay Lengfeld plus coffee and holiday treats 


— 2016 Past Events/Speakers 

- February 9th, Laura Fay with DTACP spoke about how to prevent Identity Theft. 

- March 8, 2016 meet Jill Karofsky with Crime Victims Services. 

- April 12, 2016 meet Terry Loos with MPD Gang Task Force. 

- May 10, 2016 meet Justine Harris with MPD Burglary Unit. 

- June 14, 2016 banking experts discuss protecting yourself from financial fraud.

- July 12, 2016 meet the Madison Police Mounted Patrol - Special time 5:30-6:30pm.

- August 16th meet WKOW chief meteorologist Bob Lindmeier. Learn how to stay safe in tornadoes and severe weather & meet Sgt Ellis with MPD

- September 13th Dr. David Drake - UW Urban Canid Project will talk about the foxes and coyotes seen in our community

- October 11th, Josalyn Longley, Community Deputy and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for Dane County, active shooter and workplace violence preparedness

- Nov 15th Emmy-award-winning journalist and WISC Ch3 morning anchor Adam Schrager, will share information about local scams and frauds he’s uncovered in his Call to Action segments and suggest ways we can protect ourselves from becoming victims.

- Dec 13th Holiday Social with Police Chief Mike Koval and the Capital K9s


What an incredible first year 2015 was. Thank you!

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