MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

September 2013 Area Directors' Meeting Minutes

Tom Jarvis Friday 27 of September, 2013
Midvale Heights Community Association
September 24, 2013 Board Meeting

Present: C. Kreimendahl, G. Poulson, J. Thoreson, P. Schell, P. Haskew, C. Bunge, T. Jarvis, R. Rotter, E. Rogers, J. Chipault, G. Fischer, J. Butler, J. Lager, K. Reuter-Krohn

Others: C. Rotter, N. Lager, Marge Suitinn

1. President J. Thoreson called the meeting to order at 6:45 p.m.

2. Minutes were approved by voice vote

3. Treasurer’s report provided by R. Rotter. Rotter indicated that all revenues and expenses for T-Ball are reflected in the balance sheet of the Association. Membership money was discussed. Rotter believed there were 462 paid members.

4. Neighborhood watch was discussed. Marge S lives on the 4800 block of Tokay Blvd. Her home was broken into through an unlocked window. Nearby neighbors have also had break-ins in their cars and garages. The issue of reinstituting a crime watch program was discussed. Some of the past history with this topic was shared. Efforts were generally successful in the short run but over time they tended to diminish. Kreimendahl relayed information he had from the Madison Police Department. It was suggested that we hold a neighborhood meeting in November and invite our neighborhood police liaison to attend. It was also noted that the link to crime activity in neighborhoods did not seem to be consistently updated by the Police.

5. A discussion of the annual meeting took place. Joy Cardin (Wis. Public Radio) will be the featured guest. She prefers a question and answer format at and prefers an early start @6:30 p.m. The annual business meeting will occur after Joy is done. J. Butler will introduce Joy. Thoreson will do an annual “state” of the neighborhood speech. Also our local elected officials will be given time to speak. G. Poulson volunteered to order coffee. It was assumed that D. Lamb would provide other refreshments as she has done for past annual meetings.

6. It was noted that the rest concrete pad had been installed at Bison Prairie but no water fountain was installed. Rotter got a bid from Vital Signs to repair our damaged neighborhood sign for $ 1,000. It was noted that a new sign would cost between $2200 and $3300. If a smaller sign was utilized, it would cost around $1100. C. Kreimendahl moved that we replace the Mineral Pt. Road damaged sign with a smaller new sign. Motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

7. Membership committee was working on a welcome to the neighborhood letter to be attached to a membership application. The target was the new apartments opening up on Segoe and Odana Roads.

8. E. Rogers continued the discussion of converting part of Segoe Park to be a community garden. To move this forward there needs to be a survey of near-by neighbors and an oversight neighborhood committee.

9. Adjournment at 7:50 p.m.

Minutes by Gary Poulson, Secretary