MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

March 2016 Area Directors' Meeting Minutes

jgchipault Sunday 24 of April, 2016
Midvale Heights Community Association Board Meeting
Tuesday, March 22rd 2016 – 6:45 p.m. – Sequoya Branch Library

Area Directors present: Jim Thoreson, Gary Poulson, Jenny Chipault, Steve Fitzsimmons, Gregory Fischer, Ron Rotter, Jonn Lager, Chuck Kreimendahl
Other neighbors present: Nan Lager, Cathy Rotter

  1. Call to Order & Introductions - S Fitzsimmons
  2. Prior Minutes Review/Approval - Board
    1. We have 8 board members present, which could be a quorum, but we have 2 area directors from the same from the same area (J Chipault and G Fischer both from Area 12). Wait and see if other members show. No vote on minutes.
  3. Treasurer’s Report - R Rotter
    1. Handed out hard copy of report. Have $41,000 in main account, $3,000 in PayPal.
    2. T-ball is starting. Price has been raised, think to $50, and then deduction if you have a second kid.
    3. Our insurance isn't expired until June so probably won't hear back until end of April. Paperwork is at under-writers right now. If anyone else wants to get a bid, feel free.
      1. G Poulson asked who it goes through?
        1. Get it through Hausmann Johnson, Midwest
      2. J Lager asks if we'll be sure it won't lapse
        1. R Rotter will not let it lapse. Not sure we have board of directors' insurance, just liability. Think we'd be covered under homeowners policy, but if we want directors' insurance in case we're sued, something to think about. Our biggest liability is probably swinging bats, food poisoning, etc. For t-ball, they sign a waiver.
      3. J Thoreson asks if the insurance guy looked over the waiver that Michael Pressmen sends out?
        1. Yes
    4. R Rotter might have new estimate by our April meeting.
  4. Legislative Reports - Maurice Cheeks/Carousel Bayrd
    1. Not present
  5. Summer Concert Series - D Lamb
    1. D Lamb not present
  6. Odana Road Safety Issues - S Fitzsimmons
    1. S Fitzsimmons says person was killed a couple of weeks ago crossing Odana at HyVee. E Rogers and S Fitzsimmons talked about it and wondered about asking for traffic study in that area again.
      1. G Poulson recalls that we raised the issue before and thought Maurice Cheeks said he'd look into it.
      2. R Rotter says it's been bad intersection for a long time, even before HyVee.
      3. C Kreimendahl says no-stop turn lane on Whitney Way can be problematic
      4. G Poulson says person hit wasn't in a cross walk
        1. R Rotter says no cross walk at Odana Lane
      5. J Thoreson asks if driver was making left into Hyvee?
        1. C Kreimendahl says north on Whitney way and east on Odana
      6. J Thoreson says not well lit. Brings up LED lights on University that light up nice but not real aggressive.
      7. R Rotter says city should look into it automatically because there was an accident
        1. J Lager says people were there measuring
      8. G Poulson says free-turn lanes put in to save gas and now jeopardizing safety
      9. General agreement that there's a lot going on right there
      10. Person hit was wearing dark clothing and around 8:30 so dark out.
      11. J Chipault says we talked about this with Maurice Cheeks a couple of years ago and believe we were told that they were going to do a study while school was in session so that they could monitor traffic flow with public buses, schools buses, pedestrians, etc.
        1. Maybe we should ask to get reports
      12. Tyberius Terrace new now.
      13. S Fitzsimmons will send a letter to Maurice Cheeks to see if there has been a traffic study at that intersection and get back to us next meeting.
  7. Announcements - Board
    1. C Kreimendahl has been in touch with a couple of people to try to find a picnic coordinator. If someone is not willing to coordinate but will volunteer to help and have another possible person helping, that might work. Think by next meeting we'll have to decide what to do. If someone will take it on, have them meet with Jill.
      1. K Rotter asks for tentative date.
        1. 23rd is Thursday in June. Rain date of following Thursday. 4th of July celebration going to be on the 4th.
    2. S Fitzsimmons asks about bike safety fair that we were thinking of doing for Midvale Heights, did you have a contact?
      1. C Kreimendahl doesn't know about it.
      2. S Fitzsimmons thinking of doing something at neighborhood watch meeting.
      3. R Rotter asks who was on bike maintanence pad group for city
        1. Laura Brown and Mark Shahan
          1. G Poulson doesn't think Mark on City's Pedestrian, Bicycle & Motor Vehicle Commission anymore. Can't be on for more than a decade.
      4. S Fitzsimmons just looking to see what we would need to do to do it.
      5. G Poulson brings up Madison Bike Federation as a place to check with, too.
      6. Arthur Ross is city's bike safety person.
    3. C Kreimendahl saw T Jarvis recently and there's some concern with family health. He might be able to continue tech stuff, but kind of wondering if we should be training someone else to know what he knows in order to help out.
      1. J Thoreson asks if E Rogers does computer work
        1. J Chipault says she thinks he knows some coding and has done some website work
  8. Meeting adjourned at 7:05

Notes recorded by J Chipault, secretary