MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

February 2012 Area Directors' Meeting Minutes

cabunge Friday 23 of March, 2012

Midvale Heights Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting

February 28, 2012


Present: J Thoreson (Presiding), P Haskew, J Gary, D Lamb, P Schell, T Jarvis, G Poulson, J Lager, K Reuter-Krohn

Special Guest: J Sweet

Also Present: N Lager, K Rotter

Special presentation was made to long-time board member and green team leader Jean Sweet. A commemerative plaque was prepared and given to Jean. Cake was enjoyed by all present.

1. Call to order. J Thoreson opened the meeting and those present introduced themselves.

2. Minutes. The minutes of the January 24, 2012 were approved as distributed.

3. Elected official’s reports. Neither Alder Solomon nor Supervisor Bayrd are able to attend this meeting.

4. Newsletter report. D Lamb indicated that we will try a new printer for the next issue. Lakeside Printers will be tried. They have a good reputation working with non-profits and should provide good turn around. It is recommended that we reduce the printed copies to 650. The May-June issue will be the membership issue and it needs to be distributed to all residents.

5. Little Libraries. D Lamb reported that there were 4 Little Libraries in our neighborhood. She wondered if there were other possible residential locations or possibly in our local parks. To locate a new library box a neighbor needs to “adopt” the library box. The boxes can be built and installed for about $ 500. Some of the boxes are specially decorated and some contain special collections.

6. Green team. N. Lager is working with the city to get roses planted in the median area near Woodside Street in honor of Jean Sweet. Jean will be recognized by the Parks Department ‘s annual event for volunteers.

7. Lighting for SW path. It was reported that C Kreimendahl represented Midvale Hts. at a meeting called to discuss adding lighting along the SW path. Some residents in the Dudgeon-Monroe neighborhood are opposed to adding lights. Westmorland representatives support more lighting. A proposal from the City will be forthcoming.

8. Incidents. J Thoreson reported that there was a “tagging” incident on Fairway Street. Also some issues in Odana Hills Park relating to late night noise and alcohol consumption.
9. Polling Place. G. Poulson reported on the primary election that was held at Odana Hills Golf Course. A possible new polling place for future elections is being explored by the City Clerk.

10. Bison Prairie. J Gary reported that there will be a controlled burn at the Bison Prairie sometime in April. Work crews are needed in May to do edging, tilling, mulching, weeding and planting. The 10th anniversary celebration will be August 19th .

11. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned.

G. Poulson, Temporary Secretary