MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

March 2014 Area Directors' Meeting Minutes

jgchipault Friday 20 of June, 2014
March 25, 2014 – Board Meeting

Board Members Present: Chuck Kreimendahl, Tom Jarvis, Ron Rotter, Cathy Rotter, Jonn Lager, Floyd Stautz, Jim Thoreson, Jason Butler, Jenny Chipault, Denise Lamb, Peter Schell, Steve Graham, Kay Reuter-Krohn, Ed Rogers, Greg Fischer

Others Present: Deborah Jackson Still, director of Kids Clubhouse

  1. Meeting called to order by C Kreimendahl
  2. Kids Clubhouse
    1. Deborah Jackson Still, director of Kids Clubhouse, came to talk about program to bring to Midvale Heights.
    2. Program started when Nakoma neighborhood realized they had kids going to different schools/pools but had underutilized neighborhood park. Came up with idea for summer program for kids that is unstructured, monitored play. She contacted KEVA to get program off the ground; they had 3 dozen kids in the park within 5 weeks of the inception of the idea. Program is one afternoon a week for three hours, ages 4-12. They do scavenger hunts, water games, etc..
    3. Expanded program in second year by about another dozen kids. Last fall they realized they could expand to other neighborhoods; targeting Orchard Ridge and Midvale Heights this year. Alder Maurice Cheeks helped them navigate. Thinking about potential multi-neighborhood, "'tween" program in future.
    4. Use newsletter and Facebook to advertise. KEVA handles registration, confirmation, liability, coaches, games, etc.. Tracy and Kevin Schmotzer have lived in Midvale Heights neighborhood for 12 years and are interested in being point of contact for Kids Clubhouse program in Midvale Heights. Since Nakoma has done this for a couple of years now, they can share their outreach products to distribute to our neighborhood.
    5. Kids can sign up for 8 weeks at $96, or drop-in rate is $20 for one afternoon.
    6. Midvale Heights board not being asked to put in any money as a neighborhood; just looking for support and help spreading the word.
    7. D Lamb thinks $20 for one afternoon is high compared to t-ball team sign-up fee.
    8. Piper Park is likely best park for this year. Piper has shelter and is more shaded and has playground. Have talked to Mike Pressman.
    9. KEVA arranges for porta-potty (which stays in park for whole summer) and covers park fee
    10. J Butler asks about dates. Registration opens tomorrow. Tracy can send out emails to our neighborhood soon.
    11. Next Midvale Heights newsletter is first week in May.
    12. E Rogers asks about approaching elementary schools. Deborah wants program to be neighborhood driven, not through schools.
    13. E Rogers suggests putting signs right in the park.
    14. D Lamb asks if there’s a minimum number of kids needed. Deborah says 12-20.
    15. Kids Clubhouse facilitated re-doing playground equipment in Nakoma.
    16. Tuesdays 1-4pm is Midvale Heights time slot
    17. Motion to support Kids Clubhouse and provide resources for getting program off the ground in 2014. Motion carries
  3. February minutes approved
  4. Treasure report
    1. R Rotter distributed printed copy
    2. T-ball money is coming in. Also recently made $280 from history book sales at library
  5. No Legislative Reports
  6. Park survey
    1. E Rogers put together 2 quick charts. 70 responses and counting. Data are preliminary (e.g., R Rotter just passed E Rogers a stack of surveys that were sent via USPS mail that are yet untallied).
    2. Better playground equipment is currently most demanded, then live music, then ice skating rink, outdoor movies, more benches, and picnic tables in pavilion.
    3. Some problems with Midvale Heights website seems to be preventing some people from submitting surveys; if people having trouble with website, they can email E Rogers directly at Area11 at midvaleheights.org.
    4. C Kreimendahl asked if we’ve contacted the city park department yet regarding distribution of survey. Plan was to gather data to figure out what has support before contacting city, but good idea to give them copy of survey now. Good contacts would be Kevin Briski (superintendent) and Chris Pedretti (dog park) would be good to contact.
  7. Bison prairie gateway
    1. D Lamb has not talked to Westmorland yet regarding their prairie burning, but will.
    2. J Thoreson has not posted notice regarding Bison Prairie work to master gardener website yet because need dates. Rachel Martin should be contacted about possibly heading Bison Prairie work. Could post general notice for now because we don’t know what times are best, but we do know that need someone to coordinate work. Could add April 19, 9-12 for Tokay median clean-up for Tokay.
  8. 4910 Ascot Lane Conditional Use Permit
    1. Owner of apartments wants to put in another dwelling unit in one of the buildings for a resident manager. This addition was approved when brought to MHCA board years ago. C Kreimendahl will forward email about specific meeting to J Chipault and G Fischer (area 12).
  9. Membership Drive
    1. D Lamb is going to be gone for a month. P Haskew doesn’t want to chair the membership committee this year. Normal time table is that in late April we get the membership stuff together and June 30th is deadline for registration. We sent out 4-page newsletter about membership, then month later sent out postcards. D Lamb will have 4-pager ready by end of April this year.
    2. C Rotter suggests that we push online sign-up to reduce data entry.
    3. J Thoreson wonders if we have emails to contact business participating in membership discount cards. R Rotter suggests that we send letter to businesses that says that they have been automatically re-enrolled and to call us if they’d like to be taken off the discount list.
    4. C Kreimendahl wants people to let him know if they can help on the membership committee. He will head committee unless someone else wants to. C Kreimendahl will send out information before our April meeting.
    5. To get more members, need face-to-face contact. What’s our door-to-door plug? J Chipault wondered how many "I heart Midvale Heights" bumper stickers are left from last year - likely only 50-70.
    6. Need to remember to put our website URL on KEVA Kids Clubhouse signage.
    7. E Rogers asks about recurring donations so that people don’t have to remember to sign up as Midvale Heights members every year. T Jarvis thinks too complicated for current system.
  10. Picnic Planning
    1. Jill Carlson is willing to head up both picnic and garage sale again this year. She has helpers but is looking for more.
    2. June 19 picnic with rain date following Thursday.
    3. C Kreimendahl contacted Carl Haidar from HyVee. Carl passed task to kitchen manager. J Carlson will follow-up
  11. Garage Sale
    1. J Carlson says garage sale signs were removed last year so she wants to order more. P Schell suspects that when you put signs in median that police will remove them; signs were removed from Midvale median last year. J Carlson wants four new signs made. P Schell thinks J Carlson envisions new signs as cheaper and lighter than old ones. G Fischer suggests that we contact police liaison to see if we can get permission to put signs in median. J Thoreson suspects kids are taking signs and suggests that we pick them up at night so perhaps we need a group of people to pick up signs.
    2. Motion to authorize purchase of new signs, up to a cost of $200. Motion carries.
  12. Mineral Point/Midvale Intersection Project
    1. D Lamb went to meeting about intersection development. In top 30 for accidents of all intersections in the city, despite comparatively lower volume of traffic. Three people have been killed. This project will be 90% funded by federal gov. Plan is to slightly widen Mineral Point road to accommodate left turn lane in both directions and left turn signals in all four directions. Also plan to flatten hill so that cars can’t get air when speeding through intersection. Sidewalks will stay all in same places they are now but some terrace will be removed. Traffic lanes that are currently 11.5 feet wide will become 10 feet wide, which will make people go slower. People west of Midvale will lose about 5 feet of terrace; east of Midvale, north side of road, terrace will likely be gone but sidewalk stays. There will be one lane open each way all the time through construction. Not going to start construction until next year and will wait until after school gets out, so start around June 2015 and done by Labor Day 2015.
  13. Announcements –
    1. G Fischer reports that a couple of constituents in area 12 have noticed erratic mail delivery. One resident has kept a log. Found out that USPS is subbing delivery out to outside vendors. We should be mindful of potential associated privacy issues. P Schell reports that there has been more wrong mail going to wrong houses than usual in his part of the neighborhood as well and he has noticed different carriers than normal.
    2. J Thoreson suggests we add a write-up about spring clean up of dog poop to the next newsletter. Also, a reminder to neighbors to not let their dogs bark continuously.
    3. C Kreimendahl checked on food carts. There are food carts at research park. C Kreimendahl plans to put info on Midvale Heights website to promote it. D Lamb talked to vendor about parking by Segoe Park but carts would have to pay high fee.
    4. C Kreimendahl talked to city about placement of neighborhood sign. Will continue discussion.
    5. C Kreimendahl reminds us that he had thought about setting up DOT beltline meeting, but DOT is hosting so many public meetings about transportation so now thinks probably don’t need to hold a specific neighborhood meeting. J Butler wonders about diverted traffic onto Odana impacting his part of Midvale Heights. C Kreimendahl will stay updated.
    6. T Jarvis reports, after consulting spreadsheets, that of 482 members there were 89 with kids and 73 of those members have provided email addresses. J Butlers suggests we send out Kids Clubhouse information from MidvaleHeights.org and bcc people to maintain privacy.
  14. Meeting adjourned at 8:15.
Minutes recorded by Jenny Chipault, Secretary