MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

April 2014 Area Directors' Meeting Minutes

jgchipault Friday 20 of June, 2014
April 22 2014 – Board Meeting

Board Members Present: Chuck Kreimendahl, Ron Rotter, Cathy Rotter, Tom Jarvis, Nan Lager, Floyd Stautz, Jim Thoreson, Jenny Chipault, Denise Lamb, Steve Graham, Kay Reuter-Krohn, Ed Rogers, Greg Fischer, Gary Poulson, Paul Haskew

Others Present: Jarrod Bogucki (new neighbor), Joe Parisi (Dane County Executive), Melissa Malott (Dane County Executive Assistant), Carousel Bayrd (Dane County Supervisor)

  1. Meeting called to order by C Kreimendahl
  2. County Executive Rap Session - Joe Parisi
    1. Joe Parisi has been county exec since 2011.
    2. Wants to talk about lakes work, seems especially appropriate because of Earth Day.
    3. Challenges lakes face are from phosphorus run off and we know how to address that now (urban and agriculture)
      1. One pound of phosphorus results in 500 pounds of algae.
      2. Science tells us that reducing phosphorus input by 50% will results in noticeable difference in lakes.
    4. Created a coalition (farmers, gov, nonprofit, business) to support phosphorus reduction efforts.
      1. To comply with federal phosphorus regulations, MMSD (Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District) is required to reduce phosphorus by a certain amount by a certain time
      2. Can install pollution control equipment at the source, but very expensive and doesn't address phosphorus levels in chain of lakes (north of Lake Mendota).
      3. Via Adaptive Management approach, MMSD and other entities are allowed to reduce phosphorus in northern watershed and get credit for that instead of reducing phosphorus from pipe at plant.
      4. Partnerships with farmers to implement practices that reduce phosphorus involve roofs over field lots, buffers along streams, etc. has so far prevented 4600 lbs of phosphorus from entering watershed.
    5. Manure digesters - Waunakee open, Springfield officially open in another couple of months.
      1. Digesters reduce methane, create renewable energy (2500 homes worth of power), and reduce phosphorus in manure by about 60% during digestion.
      2. Digester "tea" still has 40% of phosphorus in it and trying to figure out what to do with tha
      3. Springfield will make tea into pure water. Fiber will be used as fertilizer, which can be sold to areas that are phosphorus deficient.
      4. Vast majority of run-off occurs in 29 days of year; spring thaw.
      5. Many farmers run out of storage space for manure in winter so digester solves that problem, too. In budget is also manure storage spot in winter that connects to Waunakee digester.
      6. Also in budget is funding to look for other storage spots and/or acquire some of the farms that perhaps should be restored to wetlands.
      7. "Yahara Pride" farmers have set up their own certification program.
      8. G Poulson asks how much the digesters cost.
        1. J Parisi says 12 million dollars for digester - County 6.6 million (via two separate 3.3. million grants made available to investors). Springfield is owned by Gunderson (renewable energy and 8% return on their investment). County doesn't own it or run it, just facilitates partnerships.
        2. Looking to open more. Currently, one digester in Alliance area and one in MG&E area; utilities need to pay decent buy-back rate to make digesters money-makers.
      9. Natural gas generated at landfills; can compress it and then use it to run county vehicles (for about $1/gallon) so perhaps digesters could provide compressed natural gas for vehicles too.
    6. P Haskew asks about rapid transit.
      1. J Parisi says we don't have funding to run mass transit; municipalities run their own transit systems. Almost able to form an RTA (rapid transit association) but disappeared when new governor took office.
    7. C Kreimendahl asks about white privilege discussions.
      1. J Parisi confirms that there has been a lot of work done regarding racial disparities. He sees a lot of focus on schools, but wants to look at homes, too.
      2. He has asked the human services department what role county could play. 500 million dollar budget, half to human services. "Early childhood zone" builds on programming already in place and works with families, as soon as mother is pregnant, to stabilize situation (school, stable rent, drug/alcohol programs, etc.). Program used to be birth to age 3 and expanded to age 4 so that kids will be enrolled in 4K. Working with United Way to help parents.
      3. Money in 2014 budget for youth eviction prevention.
      4. Also doing lots of work regarding employment - Urban League, building trades, MATC, etc. - matching unemployed minorities with construction trade jobs. Project Big Step matches jobs/trades with people looking for work. Helps guide people through apprenticeship process.
      5. Final disparity involves criminal system in that it's hard to find employment after criminal record. 2014 budget has re-entry coordinator that works in the jail to help plan for re-entry. On state level, we spend more on corrections system than entire UW system.
    8. E Rogers asks about slow 911 dispatch times and wonders what county is doing.
      1. J Parisi says much more complicated than mayor displayed. Soglin criticized protocols, but protocols were created by people who are complaining. Mayor never asked Joe about it. Response time average takes into account low priority calls. Joe feels system is good. 80% of calls come in from cell phone now so can't tell where call coming from, only know nearest cell tower, so have to ask people to describe their location and that takes time.
        1. C Bayrd says Public Protection and Judiciary committee oversees 911 board and they see call times quarterly and, in general, times have been the same for years. There are two issues: 1) Madison fire chief wanted more information about fire before dispatching crew, while new fire chief wants to send right away and 2) Location is hard to figure out due to increased cell phone use so that is adding to time.
    9. People are welcome to contact J Parisi or M Malott with further questions.
  3. Prior Minutes Review/Approval
    1. Board Approved
  4. Treasurer’s Report
    1. R Rotter relays that we have a little less than $40,000
    2. C Bayrd is on PTO at Van Hise and they are trying to rebuild playground (multiple year project), so she might ask for donation in the future.
    3. D Lamb brings up that Midvale school also needs new playground.
    4. N Lager needs to ask for money for Tokay plantings.
      1. She has a few people interested in replanting bed in front of their houses.
      2. Last year the city offered $500 that we did not use; city hasn't responded this year.
      3. She's also interested in getting rosebed at Woodside Terrace corner in honor of Jean Sweet.
      4. D Lamb wonders if we can find people that know about gardening design to create plans.
      5. Motion to make Tokay planting allocation up to $1000.
        1. T Jarvis says total donations came to $791.
        2. Motion carries.
  5. Legislative Reports
    1. C Bayrd is hoping that her public protection and judiciary committee meeting can be moved off Tuesday nights so she can be at Midvale Heights monthly meetings.
    2. Regarding manure digester, a complaint she has heard from city residents is that we pay money in city to clean up rural farms for MMSD via water utility bill. Alternative is to clean up at sewage district but that's not as effective.
      1. D Lamb asks if we have combined sewers. No.
      2. Leaves on ground in city also add phosphorus.
      3. Also issue of salt (e.g., water softeners).
    3. Racial disparities and mental health are issues she's continues to work on.
  6. Make Music Madison (6/21/14)/Segoe Park Survey Update
    1. Segoe Park survey deadline approaching; 208 surveys completed (128 online, 76 mailed, 4 emailed).
    2. E Rogers distributed hand out that had graph showing demonstrable efficacy of multiple routes of advertisement based on peaks in survey responses happening after reminding neighbors about survey via email, Facebook, etc.
    3. Most popular are live music, picnic tables within a pavilion, more benches, better/more playground equipment, and ice skating rink.
    4. Live music is top of list and, conveniently, Make Music Madison is coming up.
      1. Program mimics what happens every year in France. Event is Saturday June 21st, summer solstice.
      2. Registration deadline for venues and musicians is Thursday May 15th. Matchmaking board online pairs musicians with venues. No park permit fees.
      3. E Rogers also distributed handbook for becoming a venue. Ed suggests we sign ourselves up on the website, put a notice in the Midvale Messenger, etc.
        1. D Lamb wonders how we provide power to musicians. C Bayrd thinks we could use this as way to test if we get a crowd - maybe only list narrow window of time for performances? Should promote it at the annual neighborhood picnic. Can't list bands in newsletter because won't know in time, but might be able to put that info on postcard announcing picnic.
          1. C Kreimendahl suggests small group should meet to make these decisions.
        2. G Poulson voices his uncomfortableness regarding the fact that there is no payment to professionals for performing art. Also, Isthmus Jazz Festival is same day. J Thoreson says musicians can advertise themselves - promote next paying gig or pass around tip jar. Saturday concerts at Segoe Park might be good way to go in future and G Poulson would like to get involved with that.
        3. Motion to MHCA to put forward Segoe Park for Make Music Madison venue and that E Rogers lead a committee to work out details.
          1. Motion carries.
          2. Ed will send follow up email asking for participants for committee.
        4. Suggestion to put MHCA membership booth at event.
    5. Ice skating rink was also high on "want" list.
      1. Adopt Ice Partnership is what city has established to keep ice rinks in parks. E Rogers met with two people from Westmorland and they looked at parks (Westmorland, Segoe, and Nakoma) together. They could tell where rink was previously at Segoe. Segoe already has lot of what is necessary for an ice rink but we'd need a bit of help from the city. City creates rink and clears it after there's more than 2" of snow (and after they've cleared everywhere else). We would need volunteers to keep ice nice. Westmorland has good crew that maintains rinks. We'd need better water hook up (frost proof hydrant, or shed with heater and hose hookup). Regarding lights, the pole is already there at Segoe.
      2. 48 people that replied via survey that they wanted a rink also provided email addresses. About 6 people also put in comments how much they wanted a rink.
      3. E Rogers proposes that in a month or two we host a volunteer meeting to discuss possibility of maintaining rink and see who shows up. Have Tim and Dave from Westmorland there. Advertise meeting in newsletter? And can email people who said they are interested.
      4. Move that a meeting be scheduled at a later date to discuss ice rink at Segoe Park and that payment for 4 pizzas be included (roughly $50).
        1. City pays for water and electric.
        2. Westmorland actually has two rinks - one hockey, one not.
        3. Motion carries.
  7. Membership Drive
    1. Proposed schedule provided.
      1. 4/29 Final draft of Membership flyer to printer
      2. 5/6 Address flyers to be ready for mailing
      3. May-June Monitor website/mail registrations
      4. 6/19 Promote membership at picnic
      5. June-July Contact Discount Card vendors for renewal (Committee? Or each director take two?)
      6. Early August Update Directory
      7. Mid-August Mail directory/discount card to members
    2. D Lamb passed out Membership Messenger for review.
    3. Can put C Kreimendahl as contact in Messenger because no membership board. D Lamb changed date on form and nothing else.
    4. D Lamb will email PDF to group for review.
    5. D Lamb got letter from person who wants to offer 10% discount.
    6. C Kreimendahl will call a meeting to assemble flyers for mailing.
  8. Announcements
    1. T Jarvis sent out an email blast to members about Kids' Clubhouse, etc. and 54 people clicked on link.
    2. We should create policy on what we email out. Maybe an agenda item next meeting? D Lamb thinks that things that are of general interest and time-sensitive should be emailed out.
    3. C Kreimendahl says he heard that 10 kids are signed up for Kids' Clubhouse.
    4. Stephanie Mikesell is retiring as Santa visit coordinator. She says she has a good group of volunteers but they need a coordinator.
  9. Adjourned at 8:45pm

Minutes recorded by Jenny Chipault, Secretary