MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

May 2014 Area Directors' Meeting Minutes

jgchipault Friday 20 of June, 2014
May 27, 2014 – Board Meeting

Board Members Present: Chuck Kreimendahl, Tom Jarvis, Ron Rotter, Cathy Rotter, Floyd Stautz, Jenny Chipault, Mary J. Armstrong, Jonn Lager, Kay Reuter-Krohn, Jim Thoreson

Others Present: Jim Vannes (new neighbor)

  1. Meeting called to order by C Kreimendahl
  2. Decision to delay approval of minutes because minutes long, no hard copies brought to meeting, and not many board members present
  3. Treasurer report
    1. No report because not much has changed.
    2. May Membership Messenger mailing went out. $210 through post office.
    3. Picnic postcard notice arrived at most homes in neighborhood today. Picnic mailer done through Econo print, no bills yet.
  4. No legislative reports
  5. Odana/Segoe Sign Replacement
    1. City has some money available that could defray our cost. C Kreimendahl contacted city a few months ago and received a reply recently requesting a quote.
    2. Part of approval was finding a new site for sign because used to be by what is now Tyberius Terrace but had been damaged so much at that site. So thinking it could be moved across Odana, in triangle of grass by bus stop and Odana Lane.
    3. City said it would have to go through approvals but they don’t foresee a problem.
    4. R Rotter says quote we got last fall for replacing the sign on Mineral Point was around $2100-3100
    5. C Kreimendahl wants board approval to ask city for money.
      1. MJ Armstrong thinks good idea because the triangle is clear and she enjoys seeing signs around the neighborhoods so thinks it’s a good investment in our neighborhood. Increased visibility at proposed corner: apartments are quite a ways away and city changed parking there too. And she hasn’t seen any vandalism in that area.
      2. Motion to move forward and ask city for funds carries.
  6. Membership Drive Update
    1. 145 memberships via USPS mail, 40 online
    2. C Kreimendahl asks if picnic mailer had information about membership.
      1. Group doesn't think so but not many have read it thoroughly yet
      2. C Kreimendahl wonders if we should send reminder post card about membership
    3. R Rotter looking for volunteers to enter membership data
      1. T Jarvis says volunteers would have to log in via MHCA website, but not hard to do
      2. C Rotter says task is easy to do but time consuming
        1. MJ Armstrong and K Reuter-Krohn offer to help.
      3. T Jarvis thinks he’ll send out test email about once a week to see if member email address accurate ###If same member information as last year, then just have to confirm that they’ve paid
      4. Rotters will keep the checks and give volunteers the form
    4. Chuck will set up something for at the picnic so that people can register there or at least get information on membership
    5. Couple people volunteered to help renew vendors for discount card
      1. P Haskew concerned that don’t always have person in charge of business present (could be teen managing cash register), so suggestion of mailing out form with C Kreimendahl contact information and then we’d just follow-up with people who don’t reply to mailer.
      2. F Stautz wonders if it would be of interest to find out who uses cards at the different places
        1. Yes, if we can task an MBA
      3. Dental office on the list has already inquired to see if they are part of program still.
      4. C Kreimendahl will work with P Haskew to create letter
      5. R Rotter says that they should be asked to contact us if they want to opt OUT. Easier for everyone.
      6. T Jarvis wonders if businesses want to update their blurb on our website –suggestion to put that in the letter to send to businesses
      7. T Jarvis brings up auto subscription for members
        1. Deemed not really necessary
  7. Member E-Mail Use Policy
    1. Board gets emails asking us if people can use our database to send out notices (e.g., student house painters) or from city asking to distribute information
    2. We assume neighbors give us email addresses because they want to be updated on things in neighborhood
    3. We can tell people to post on Facebook or put an ad in our Midvale Messenger if they want to reach members
    4. T Jarvis says he sent email about dog missing last year and did Kids Clubhouse email this year
      1. Some people will get reassigned to email list when re-register
      2. T Jarvis concern that he’ll get kicked off his server if too many spam reports
        1. T Jarvis could prove that the person registered on such and such a date to his server provider
    5. R Rotter reminds us that there many ways to opt out – don’t have to give email address during membership and can unsubscribe to email
    6. C Kreimendahl doesn’t want us to cry wolf too much and have people not read emails
    7. J Chipault wants more emails and would read them but T Jarvis reluctant to send out lots of emails
    8. C Kreimendahl thinking about contacting other neighborhoods to see if they have a policy
    9. T Jarvis says anyone can already set up forums on topics and "watch" whatever topics they are interested in via Midvale Heights website
  8. Announcements
    1. New neighbor, Jim Vannes, wanted to get a sense of what we do so decided to attend a meeting.
      1. Thinks forums would be great.
      2. Concerned about radon in houses in our area. He purchased house in January and tax assessor said radon problems very common.
        1. Could have someone from city give presentation.
        2. J Chipault will contact city to see if someone can do write-up for future Midvale Messenger.
    2. C Kreimendahl will email board regarding picnic if we need help with set up. Believe that HyVee is catering the main course.
    3. E Rogers sends updates via email during meeting and MJ Armstrong gets updates via smart phone.
      1. The meeting for the Segoe Park Ice Rink is scheduled for this Monday, June 2nd, 6:45pm at the Sequoya Library Room A. Alder Maurice Cheeks has been invited, and many others have expressed interest.
      2. Make Music Madison has registered Segoe Park as a venue for the June 21st event. So far, two performers have agreed to appear, but we are free to recruit more between now and the final event. We specified that amplification was not an option for performers.
    4. J Thoreson says should set date for Bison Gateway clean-up. He received no responses from master gardeners website post.
      1. J Lager says on there's some people near block 9 that are working on one bed of Tokay median.
      2. C Kreimendahl and J Thoreson to talk about what day of the week is best and will let Janice Gary know. Janice sent C Kreimendahl a summary about what we needed to do at Bison Prairie but no one taking the lead yet.
      3. Someone emailed C Kreimendahl regarding Bison Gateway to ask who is in charge of decorating bison for holidays. C Kreimendahl will ask Janice.
  9. Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm

Minutes recorded by Jenny Chipault, Secretary