MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

June 2014 Area Directors' Meeting Minutes

jgchipault Tuesday 12 of August, 2014
Midvale Heights Community Association

June 24, 2014 – Board Meeting

Board Members Present: Ed Rogers, Tom Jarvis, Floyd Stautz, Jenny Chipault, Jonn Lager, Kay Reuter-Krohn, Jim Thoreson, Greg Fisher, Paul Haskew, Peter Schell, Denise Lamb, Ron Rotter

  1. Meeting called to order by E Rogers
  2. Prior Minutes Review/Approval
    1. Motion to approve April and May minutes passes.
  3. Treasurer's Report
    1. Details distributed in hard copy
    2. MHCA membership fees and T-ball money are coming in
    3. The bill from HyVee for the neighborhood picnic seemed reasonable.
      1. Picnic started right at 6pm, Hyvee had huge roasters on site (they did not want to grill because of weather).
      2. Pretty good showing, especially given the weather. F Stautz thinks about 100 people in attendance; Jill Carlson had relayed that she thought around 200 people attended.
      3. R Rotter was the one that set up picnic tables
  4. Legislative Report
    1. Alder Cheeks communicated that it's budget time for Madison so forward ideas/requests to him.
  5. Membership Drive Update
    1. T Jarvis says, not counting new forms, all memberships have been entered; 181 registered, 11 not paid, 169 returning members, 33 were not members last year (but might have been in previous years), 118 used online registration, 129 mailed in registration form.
      1. R Rotter had lots of new mailed in forms in hand (counted 115)
      2. 43 members made donations in addition to their membership fee
    2. D Lamb wonders if we want to send out another postcard. Or just do a word of mouth push?
      1. Postcard deemed best idea. Will wait and extract mailing list after this round of forms is entered into system so only sending postcard to relevant households.
      2. D Lamb will also add something about membership to the next newsletter. D Lamb reminds us that we don't meet in July so need to make these decisions now
      3. R Rotter says postcards printed through Econo Print previously were relatively inexpensive.
    3. T Jarvis will be in charge of entering data. D Lamb will design the postcard. R Rotter will run labels.
    4. D Lamb asks P Haskew if he's doing discount cards again.
      1. Confirmed.
      2. P Haskew says Nonno's Italian restaurant has agreed to be added to discount card, also another store in that strip mall. F Stautz is asking Taco Bell.
      3. When businesses sign up, the agreement is a hand shake. P Haskew will go around with blank cards to distribute to each participating business this year
  6. Segoe Park Update
    1. Make Music Madison
      1. E Rogers signed up Segoe park as venue and two musicians showed up to play. About 50 people in attendance.
      2. If anyone else wants to get another park in the neighborhood involved in Make Music Madison in future years, E Rogers can tell people how it's done
      3. D Lamb wonders about sponsoring a music series for summer one night a month in Segoe Park.
        1. E Rogers thinks people would enjoy this and also the lay of the land is conducive in that there's a higher spot that's a natural stage of sorts. Parks Department would likely be on board.
      4. D Lamb wonders what rates bands would charge.
        1. P Haskew says $150 for 6 member band. Musicians getting paid less and less. $50 a head for musicians is probably a good rate
      5. J Thoreson wonders about renting amplification.
        1. E Rogers said would have to work with Parks regarding that because doesn't think there's an outlet right now. E Rogers thinks it's a necessity. We would have to talk to neighbors in that area.
      6. J Thoreson wonders about tying music to the picnic
      7. R Rotter brings up arranging food carts for nights when we have music. Or ice cream trucks.
      8. R Rotter says first thing is to see if we can get power. Generator might be louder than music so would be good to have outlet.
    2. Ice Rink
      1. Had meeting in which two people from Westmorland came and talked to our neighbors about the possibility of bringing an ice rink back to Segoe Park
      2. Parks would need to get the ball rolling because they provide the opportunity for neighborhood to maintain a rink. If they get commitment from neighborhood, they'll set up heated utility shed with hydrant and hose, porta-potty, light, and do some snow removal. They wait until a neighborhood approaches and asks for a rink.
      3. Last week had another meeting on site at the park with the Park Dept and our alder. Westmorland experts showed up to that meeting, too. Plan is to put in a recreational rink on east side of park.
      4. P Schell asks if there have been any neighborhood champions.
        1. E Rogers says someone that lives just a few doors down creates rink in his yard every year. About a dozen people showed up to the meeting about the ice rink. If neighborhood has a core group of volunteers every year, we could keep quality ice.
      5. F Stautz not sure about having a hockey game going on the recreational rink. Might want to keep them separate
      6. J Chipault wonders what repercussions would be if Parks builds it and we can't maintain it.
        1. They wouldn't flood it the following year.
      7. J Thoreson wonders how late lights would be on? We should talk to neighbors about lighting.
      8. P Schell's would like at least 3 dedicated people.
      9. F Stautz reminds us that neighborhood survey results indicate a lot of support
      10. J Thoreson brings up that Garner park ice rink is closed
      11. P Haskew mentions that demographics in neighborhood are changing so more likely to get young families using the rink
      12. Motion by J Thoreson that MHCA supports a recreational ice rink in Segoe park. Motion passes.
  7. Announcements
    1. D Lamb made it to the tail end of the bike rest stop dedication ceremony on Saturday. Quite a crowd of bike federation people. Dedicated bike rest to a man who was killed on bike in Mississippi. Already a little kid with a flat tire so it's getting used. Still a possibility that we could get water installed at this site later.
      1. R Rotter said there were 5 people stopped there when he went by the other day
    2. Jill sent D Lamb an application for the garage sale and it will be in newsletter
    3. J Thoreson and C Kreimendahl spent some time at bison prairie recently, weeding.
      1. C Kreimendahl sent out email about volunteers from a church to MHCA board, but D Lamb worried that kids won't be able to tell weeds from perennials
      2. J Thoreson and C Kreimendahl talked about hiring a company to do work at bison prairie site next spring.
      3. No responses from posting on master gardeners list
      4. High profile area so we should keep it looking nice.
  8. T Jarvis wonders if he put membership directory online, would that be a problem. Someone who is a member would be able to see it online. Also wonders about how to make email addresses of neighbors more available to members - not this year, but maybe something to think about in future.
    1. There was discussion about whether or not directory still valuable given can find information online
    2. Should we password protect the directory, or not?
    3. D Lamb says if we put newsletter online (didn't have to print it), it could be done monthly
    4. D Lamb brings up discussion about what kind of things we send out emails for. What D Lamb likes it for the best is something that we hear about from the city that will miss the deadline for the newsletter.
      1. E Rogers says we could make an off-month email that gives a summary of events
      2. E Rogers suggests that we put it on August agenda to determine if/when to send emails
  9. R Rotter got mailer at his door from police saying there's been a burglary in the neighborhood
  10. F Stautz says there another insurance option for the water line (similar to the situation we saw with the sewage lateral line)
  11. Yesterday was 10 years to the day since the Midvale Heights tornado
  12. Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm

Minutes recorded by Jenny Chipault, Secretary