MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

March 2015 Area Directors' Meeting Minutes

jgchipault Sunday 26 of April, 2015
Midvale Heights Community Association Board Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, March 24, 2015 – 6:45 p.m. – Sequoya Branch Library

Area directors present: Chuck Kreimendahl, Jane Sherwood, Ron Rotter, Gary Poulson, Floyd Stautz, Ed Rogers, Peter Schell, Greg Fischer, Jenny Chipault, Denise Lamb, Jonn Lager, Tom Jarvis
Visitors: Steve Fitzsimmons, Sherwin Rudman

  1. Call to Order & Introductions - C Kreimendahl
  2. Prior Minutes Review/Approval Board
    1. J Chipault will stop printing minutes before meetings and simply send the link
      1. Group ok with that
    2. C Kreimendahl wonders what motion passed about the park at least meeting? Seems a bit unclear
      1. J Chipault to review February minutes. Thinks there was a move to contact parks, but not put $600 in letter, then there was more discussion, so what motion passed probably got buried.
    3. Minutes approved, motion carries
  3. Treasurer’s Report - R Rotter
    1. Not much activity this past month. $38,000 total. Provided hard copy report.
  4. Membership Drive Committee/Planning Board
    1. C Kreimendahl provided draft schedule for process from years past.
    2. C Kreimendahl will talk with P Haskew about what specific schedule will be followed. P Haskew has said he’d be on a committee.
    3. E Rogers suggests that if we have an opportunity to get together to stuff envelopes, he would appreciate a date set earlier (not last-minute) so that more people could get it on their calendar.
    4. T Jarvis wonders if we can just put membership form in Midvale Messenger? D Lamb decided to do special membership Messenger. Plus mailing is the biggest expense we have so if block captains did it would save us money.
      1. J Chipault wonders if we'd be asking block captains to deliver to every door?
        1. Yes
      2. C Kreimendahl says when it was discussed in the past we decided people might pay more attention to something that comes in the mail than something that shows up on the door
      3. R Rotter says it's hard to reach apartments without doing mailing
        1. R Rotter notes that they're shutting down bulk mailing on the east side. Probably going to happen soon
          1. S Fitzsimmons asks if you can buy stamps
            1. No, it has to be stamped at facility.
      4. T Jarvis asks if he can first send an email to all membership and ask them to register online and then we don’t have to send a physical newsletter to those people
        1. C Kreimendahl says timing a bit tricky because people might put it off until end of month and we wouldn’t know to take them off the list.
        2. E Rogers brings up issue of people registering twice
          1. Some do but not many. Can notify
      5. T Jarvis lists membership numbers: 472 in 2014, 482 in 2013, 429 in 2012, 504 in 2011; in 1996 had 613, 685 in 1988.
        1. P Schell notes that it’s been holding steady for about a decade
      6. E Rogers suggests that we do online campaign that leads the mailing campaign and if we decide to that E Rogers would not just email but get message on the Facebook page.
      7. T Jarvis says had about a dozen email addresses that were entered wrong but counting the bad ones, we have 356 email addresses, ballpark.
      8. C Kreimendahl asks if anyone else shares concern about Membership Messenger which doesn’t include so much news but more focuses on accomplishments. Thinks these are printed in May. Last year there were follow up cards that followed Membership Messenger.
        1. J Chipault thinks if D Lamb willing to write it, don’t think need to change
        2. E Rogers notes that it’s about $600 in mailing so could save it but it’s a lot to ask of block captains and some houses might be hard to get to
          1. P Schell says he’s had block captains say they want to deliver to everybody.
          2. E Rogers notes that we do get rewarded; mail a bunch of stuff out and a bunch of checks come back.
      9. S Fitzsimmons says wants to get word out about neighborhood watch to everyone.
      10. D Lamb just arrived at meeting says most effective way to get word out is door-to-door in-person contact
        1. C Kreimendahl says if no one is home then just sticking flyer in the door
      11. C Kreimendahl says not sure there’s a consensus about what to do
        1. T Jarvis says good point about being able to reach apartment dwellers via mail
        2. S Fitzsimmons says could get membership materials on table during neighborhood watch meetings
      12. D Lamb out of town early May so Membership Messenger will have to be done by end of April
        1. J Chipault asks if she’s willing to do it
          1. Yes, just might need someone else to pick it up from printer and will need information
      13. C Kreimendahl says he could go either way regarding mailing or block captain delivery
        1. R Rotter says could email both membership and neighborhood watch lists
          1. T Jarvis says not much overlap in email lists
      14. C Kreimendahl says could still send mailing later in the year. Postcard cheaper.
      15. J Chipault says stressful for block captains to deliver big stack without much heads up and we have enough money to spend $600 on mailing
        1. R Rotter notes that $600 is 10% of $6000 that we bring in from membership
      16. C Kreimendahl Start with cheapest distribution and then do expensive later on will be suggestion to committee
        1. P Schell asks who is on the committee?
          1. P Haskew, F Stautz, D Lamb. C Kreimendahl also on committee. C Kreimendahl will send email to whole board with announcements about membership drive schedule
      17. D Lamb says she will put announcement in next Newsletter
        1. C Kreimendahl suggests maybe not distribute regular newsletter at same time as Membership newsletter
  5. Santa Visits Recap – P Schell
    1. P Schell had never coordinated this program before and it was a thrill. He drove a Santa around. Participation was similar to recent years, 20-something children. Had about same number of Santas as recent years as well. Was able to just use experienced Santas this year. He sees a lot of growth potential. Feel like there’s more kids in the neighborhood now. Experimented with new outreach methods. Stephanie Mikesell suggested that we don’t mail out postcards this year – used to do mail postcard and then families RSVP by mailing postcard back, which costs us $300. P Schell reached out through the newsletter and mommy email groups or play groups and got about same participation level as we did when sent postcards. Growth potential. He didn’t care if people were members of the MHCA or not but he did put plug for membership in the email and gave link to website. Tried to politely let people know who was doing this program. There was one long-time Santa volunteer that didn’t like not sending out postcards. Wanted to mention all of this to board so that we’re all aware.
      1. Previously just mailed postcards to members; it was a benefit of membership.
    2. P Schell did hear one story that in years past there used to be so many Santas that if you wanted Santa to come you’d put a red lightbulb in your porch and there was no schedule making needed
    3. P Schell also knew that historically we buy the kids a small gift. He did spend a few dollars per kid. He spent $88 total. But don’t know if whoever used to buy gifts submitted for reimbursement (candy canes, pencils). Not everyone was keen on the candy cane. Wanted to buy things at WHOOPS to keep money in neighborhood and potential sponsorship, but Hilldale toy store did the wrapping for free and were great. He’ll try WHOOPs again next year.
      1. Group in favor of P Schell being reimbursed for Santa visit toys
    4. P Schell needs some help storing Santa suits
      1. C Kreimendahl can store them
    5. C Kreimendahl asks if P Schell got list of people interested in volunteering for Santa visits during last year's registration
      1. Yes, it was pretty similar to Stephanie Mikesell list.
    6. R Rotter says we have historically funded Santa presents.
  6. Summer Music Series
    1. D Lamb talked to someone at the Park department who was really nice and cooperative. Amplification is not an issue. Will have to pay for permit, but can lump dates together. Still working on third band. D Lamb talked with two groups and they all have day jobs so they’d rather do weekends than week nights. She’ll send emails after she gets things lined up. D Lamb rethinking June, July, August because of MMM and Picnic in June. Might make more sense to do them close together? Otherwise people might not remember what they are.
    2. G Poulson asks if we’re paying the musicians?
      1. Yes
    3. G Poulson asks if we’re thinking of passing the hat
      1. Could. Also membership forms and history books.
    4. E Rogers put Segoe Park on the list for Make Music Madison. We’ll know final schedule by May 15th. Already we’ve got 3-4 artists saying that say they’re interested. E Rogers left a big window of time, 2 pm to 9 pm. One of the artists asked if we would be willing to provide PA speakers. We could provide power from a car. But I don’t know if we want to provide them or if that’s not our thing.
      1. D Lamb says one group that will turn up sometime for summer music series has keyboard so will need power.
    5. T Jarvis says MMM website has half a dozen links to our website.
      1. When E Rogers put Segoe Park up he listed our organization name.
    6. J Chipault thinks we need a good name for summer music series so people remember it and we can advertise
      1. P Schell says "Segoe a go-go"
        1. Done.
  7. Neighborhood Watch – S Fitzsimmons
    1. S Fitzsimmons would like to invite police to some of our events to help promote neighborhood watch
      1. J Chipault brings up that police have been there in the past
        1. Actually has been fire truck mostly
          1. S Fitzsimmons trying to reduce intimidation levels between public and police
    2. S Fitzsimmons has heard suggestions of adding a park light for Segoe Park at Laub Lane.
      1. E Rogers has talked to MG&E and the city pays $25/year for contract of 5 years. It would have to go through whole formal budgeting process
      2. Probably want to reach out to these neighbors to see if everyone is on the same page, because many won’t want lights
      3. Neighborhood Watch is give back to the community, should have check box on our membership form.
    3. S Fitzsimmons provided budget for neighborhood watch of $2,200 for 2015. Gave board hard copy to review and walked through it line-by-line.
      1. Smaller yard signs instead of big ones would make $2500 signs less expensive but would get the word out
      2. Maybe a flag or banner outside of church so if people driving by would see sign and come to meeting
        1. His concern is that we have 2000 people that live in community so we’re only at 10% involvement in neighborhood watch. There are some Madison neighborhoods that are losing the battle. Once a neighborhood gets one drug house established it's hard to get rid of and deteriorates neighborhood and reduces home value.
      3. Would like to do award ceremony at end of the year to award people who do something to help neighborhood watch
      4. Donation to capital k-9s because they do a lot of dog tracking on the west side
    4. G Poulson asks if holding monthly meetings was suggested to S Fitzsimmons?
      1. Chief suggested every other month but people who attend say they like them every month and hard to guess when crime will hit.
    5. Free space here at the library not available on consistent basis?
      1. Parking and space for 120 people is hard here. If membership always 40 then this is a good place to be but he wants to grow
    6. F Stautz asks if he can keep a good rotation speakers for 12 months a year
      1. Yes, will have repeats after first year. Neighborhood officer will always be there. Every month there will be something to talk about. Tour of 911 center, tour of west police district, there’s a lot to do. We’ve only just begun.
    7. C Kreimendahl had asked S Fitzsimmons to prepare this budget so that he doesn’t have to come in and ask for things one by one. We don’t do any formal annual budgeting here. Think we should discuss this more and approve this or give him guidance on items that are reasonable.
    8. R Rotter went to last neighborhood watch meeting and K-9 unit was there. Suggests getting a bunch of yard signs to pass out that are vinyl/plastic. So maybe just put out whenever have a meeting to indicate, "Hey this whole neighborhood is still watching." Similar to Monroe Street "drive slow" signs that come out sporadically. If it saves one person from being burglarized, this money is worth it. Most criminals just get an ankle bracelet so they’ll be back in our neighborhood, not enough room in jails.
    9. Next neighborhood watch meeting is April 14th. S Fitzsimmons passed out postcards
    10. Motion to approve budget?
    11. P Schell asks about booklets.
      1. Purchase 150 booklets at a time. There’s two types of booklets so he will alternate purchases.
    12. R Rotter makes a motion that we approve the neighborhood watch budget as submitted
      1. Motion carries
    13. We’ll invite S Fitzsimmons back to our meetings for updates
  8. Announcements – Board
    1. G Poulson reminds us about election April 7th at library. We had over 20% turnout for primary. No IDs required this time, but starting Feb 16th, yes will need them.
  9. Legislative Reports - Maurice Cheeks/Carousel Bayrd
    1. Not present
  10. Adjourned 8:00pm

Notes recorded by J Chipault, secretary