MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

April 2015 Area Directors' Meeting Minutes

jgchipault Wednesday 20 of May, 2015
Midvale Heights Community Association Board Meeting
Tuesday, April 28, 2015 – 6:45 p.m. – Sequoya Branch Library

Area directors present: Chuck Kreimendahl, Ron Rotter, Floyd Stautz, Ed Rogers, Peter Schell, Greg Fischer, Jenny Chipault, Denise Lamb, Jonn Lager, Kay Reuter-Krohn, Tom Jarvis

Visitors: Nan Lager, Steve Fitzsimmons, Cathy Rotter

  1. Call to Order & Introductions - Chuck Kreimendahl
  2. Prior Minutes Review
    1. Motion to approve March minutes
      1. Motion carries
  3. Treasurer’s Report - Ron Rotter
    1. R Rotter passed out hard copy of account details
      1. ~$42,000 total
      2. T-ball money coming in, but no money has gone out yet for t-ball
  4. Legislative Reports Maurice Cheeks/Carousel Bayrd
    1. Not present
  5. Membership Drive Committee Update Board
    1. C Kreimendahl says they had a committee meeting about three weeks ago and came up with a plan based on discussions from last MHCA meeting but a couple of questions came up.
      1. D Lamb will put an article in the May/June newsletter that is going to printer tomorrow (back to her Monday, to homes next weekend). Talked about the idea of sending emails to everyone who is on email list so can cull some people from the hard copy distribution list. And can’t know how many Membership Messengers to print until know how many will respond.
        1. Plan is to send out email May 1st
        2. C Kreimendahl says if it works to subtract names from list that block captains will deliver to, great; but not spending money on mailing so ok if we print for everyone.
        3. F Stautz asks if email went out to block captains?
          1. Yes, C Kreimendahl sent email.
            1. T Jarvis explains that one computer program extracted the block captains and one the area directors, so it only sent it to 40-some block captains and 4-5 bounced back. Did not go to the directors.
              1. C Kreimendahl will send copy of email to area directors since some captains don’t have emails
                1. Can print out email that was sent to deliver to houses in person to give block captains more warning. Or if think they might not be around in mid-May, have them let you know. Most of them have 20 houses at most to deliver to so hopefully not too onerous.
          2. J Chipault asks if could get email for block captains
            1. T Jarvis reminds her that it’s on website
      2. Membership messenger will go our around May 15. D Lamb is almost done with it, might need someone else to pick it up.
        1. C Kreimendahl contacted Tyberius Terrace to ask about distributing newsletters because their building is secured.
          1. S Fitzsimmons says he can follow up with Tyberius since he lives nearby
        2. Others area directors that have apartments, if you think you need them, say so
          1. 1700 copies printed last year and ran out and some apartments didn’t get them.
        3. S Fitzsimmons asks if there’s an announcement for the neighborhood watch
          1. It’s in C Kreimendahl’s column on the front page.
        4. J Lager delivers to one member at Tyberius Terrace and best he can do is leave it with their name on it.
        5. S Fitzsimmons asks about putting flyers under wipers
          1. C Kreimendahl doesn’t like things on cars.
        6. J Chipault to talk to Janice about apartments in her area
        7. Registration open until June 30th.
      3. T Jarvis had K Reuter-Kahn test online membership registration but it wasn’t working. It loses the address. When goes to apply update to database, it doesn’t. Right now if you go there it will say sorry we’re working on it and you won’t be able to do anything
        1. C Kreimendahl asks T Jarvis to let us know when working
      4. D Lamb, T Jarvis, F Stautz, C Kreimendahl, and P Haskew met; don’t think they need to meet again
      5. D Lamb put all businesses listed on discount card in Messenger
        1. Is the list from last year?
          1. Don’t think we’ve gotten too many more companies over the past year.
      6. T Jarvis taking off the street view from website because too many errors
  6. Neighborhood Picnic - Board
    1. C Kreimendahl emailed Jill and she’s happy to do it again. Scheduled for June 18th. She’ll approach HyVee to see if they could do it again, suggesting minor tweaks. Last two years, we spent $1000 each year. Last year $700 of that went to HyVee. They set up the main course and plates and silverware, etc. We provide beverages.
      1. D Lamb thinks Jill buys beverages.
      2. R Rotter says postcard mailing was $300. $31 to Jill for miscellaneous, so that probably didn't cover beverages.
    2. C Kreimendahl says Jill asked for help with set up and logistics.
      1. D Lamb has that in article about the picnic. Usually what happens is a few people turn up early and people help out when close.
    3. Picnic starts at 6 until dusk at same park as usual (Piper Park)
    4. Only big deal will be if HyVee says no or charges a lot more money.
      1. D Lamb makes a motion to provide up to $1200 to Jill to cover expenses for annual picnic.
        1. Motion carries
      2. On that same topic, S Fitzsimmons proposed to set up some things regarding Neighborhood Watch at the picnic
        1. C Kreimendahl warns that there’s not much space because usually t-ball going.
      3. R Rotter has 5 picnic tables that they set up.
  7. Announcements - Board
    1. D Lamb announces Cajun band on July 24th Friday (rain date Saturday), 6:30-8:30. Bring your blankets and dessert and come listen. Jazz group that her husband is in is playing but not sure when yet. Jazz group will need some kind of power because they have keyboard but neither group seems too worried about amplification.
      1. Calling it something like "Friday evenings at Segoe Park" because not too keen on Segoe a-go-go because she lived through the gogo era and this isn't that.
        1. J Chipault encourages group to come up with alternate catchy name because people probably won't remember "Fridays at Segoe Park" as a "thing"
          1. D Lamb says July/Aug newsletter will have printed schedule so need new name before then
    2. N Lager says had Tokay clean up day on Saturday. A couple of people are interested in renovating some of the beds and there’s $1200 dollars in Tokay planting program line in budget.
    3. E Rogers moves to authorize spending on Tokay median for up to $1200
      1. D Lamb amends motion to say that N Lager has access to whatever funds are available in the Tokay account (since it might increase after 2015 Membership drive) and bring in bills and let us know what she’s doing.
        1. N Lager says that last year city covered everything that they planted so didn’t use any MHCA money.
        2. Article in paper on Monday’s paper on adopt-a-median city program and we were mentioned. N Lager will bring the article in. Something that we’d like to put on website?
          1. Yes!
      2. E Rogers accepts amended motion
        1. Amended motion carries
    4. Make Music Madison is coming along
      1. E Rogers listed Segoe Park as available between 2-9pm and 7 performers signed up back-to-back (they each get one hour). Take down and set up might be tricky.
        1. E Roger to send list of artists to D Lamb for newsletter
      2. E Rogers and P Haskew got together with car and inverter with guitars and microphones and E Rogers was immediately completely convinced that 400 watts available from a car will be totally sufficient to amplify bands
      3. C Kreimendahl asks if E Rogers will be around on Make Music Madison day?
        1. Yes, E Rogers will have a tip bucket and poster and he will go out 5 minutes before the show and find a tree to duct tape it to.
      4. D Lamb wonders if there’s enough flat hard space for a drum set, bass, and keyboard, or will she have to come up with some sort of a floor for the bands?
        1. E Rogers says there's 100 square feet of paved surface, but then mushroom in middle and bench around base.
  8. Adjourned 7:30pm

Notes recorded by J Chipault, secretary