MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

June 2015 Area Directors' Meeting Minutes

jgchipault Thursday 20 of August, 2015
Midvale Heights Community Association Board Meeting
Tuesday, June 23, 2015 – 6:45 p.m. – Sequoya Branch Library

Area directors present: Chuck Kreimendahl, Ron Rotter, Floyd Stautz, Ed Rogers, Jenny Chipault, Denise Lamb, Kay Reuter-Krohn, Tom Jarvis, Gary Poulson, Peter Schell

Visitors: Steve Fitzsimmons

  1. Call to Order & Introductions - C Kreimendahl
  2. Prior Minutes Review/Approval - Board
    1. Minutes for May meeting up for approval
    2. T Jarvis asks if scheme for bullets is fine?
      1. C Kreimendahl printed out copy and bullets read different
    3. Motion to approve May minutes
      1. Motion carries
  3. Treasurer’s Report - R Rotter
    1. R Rotter handed out hard copy of budget; ~$44,000 total
      1. Last page shows how much we brought in and how much we spent for month
    2. C Kreimendahl suggests move money around from general fund to other specific funds so that there aren’t negative numbers
      1. D Lamb notes that once Membership drive is over, we should move enough money to Newsletter to cover the year’s cost
    3. D Lamb asks what’s "meeting program" in budget?
      1. R Rotter says that’s our annual meeting or block captain meetings
      2. R Rotter can go through and put three years worth of money in each category. Most of our money should be in by August so can do it for next meeting
    4. E Rogers clarifies that we don’t need to worry when there isn’t enough money in a certain account?
      1. No
    5. C Kreimendahl says R Rotter can use his judgement because he’s familiar with what we spend on different things annually and how new members have allocated funds
    6. D Lamb will give R Rotter ad receipts for past year so know how much to put aside
    7. R Rotter asks about whether we want to suggest totals for different categories?
      1. D Lamb suggests create category for “special events” to cover Segoe concerts
    8. E Rogers thanks R Rotter for the column of monthly balance changes in each report, and E Rogers hopes that column will continue to be produced after the fund reallocation.
      1. R Rotter will maintain this column
    9. Question about "signs" as budget item.
      1. No more money needed for big neighborhood signs so can zero this out
      2. Garage sale signs were purchased last year.
    10. R Rotter will create budget category for parks
  4. Legislative Reports - Maurice Cheeks/Carousel Bayrd
    1. Maurice was at our picnic last week (after a transportation meeting he had). No news to report.
  5. Membership Drive Committee Update - P Haskew, Board
    1. P Haskew not at today's meeting but we need to decide today about discount cards before next board meeting in August. After last year’s efforts, things are in place but T Jarvis will need help. P Haskew not seeking new businesses and assuming previous business are renewed. We haven’t had complaints. Business owners could say that they discontinued it.
      1. P Schell agrees, businesses could cancel whenever they wanted to. They aren’t obligated to honor the card
      2. D Lamb and M Armstrong don’t have a problem with businesses accepting it.
        1. C Kreimendahl this part of it seems fine.
      3. M Armstrong wonders if we should alert the businesses
        1. J Chipault says our business year is odd so it might throw them.
      4. T Jarvis brings up issue of weight during mailing – if the envelopes have different number of cards then USPS won’t take it bulk rate.
        1. E Rogers had previously suggested cards that said "thanks" as fillers to even out the weight
      5. 307 members currently, 19 gave 1 adult, 197 gave 2 adults, 9 gave 3 adults
        1. So can do two cards in 197 envelopes in bulk mail and put stamps on envelopes for others that need to be shipped.
      6. T Jarvis says Econoprint was upset with us when we took envelopes for separate pile.
      7. C Kreimendahl says annual membership has become task that swallows up lot of time, but he's interested in cutting down work involved.
      8. T Jarvis not sure what they print the cards on. When they got them last year, had to match identifier number to card number so had to put identifier on envelope
      9. Is there a minimum number for bulk mailing
        1. Might be more than 19, but doesn’t matter because could put a normal stamp on it
      10. R Rotter asks if names are on cards
        1. Yes, but not addresses
      11. D Lamb suggests we have block captains deliver them
      12. Random numbers were generated by T Jarvis last year to associate cards and envelopes.
      13. E Rogers suggests we should make this as simple as possible. Econoprint sounds like they are particular. We should get in touch with them and ask what we need to do so that we send can send them an email and they do the rest
        1. Problems with Econoprint happened because of multiple cards in different envelopes
      14. T Jarvis says they had to be zip plus 4 digits for mailing
        1. D Lamb says they don’t
      15. T Jarvis suggests unique directories with 9 house safety model pre-printed?
        1. Future project
      16. C Kreimendahl says, to keep it simple for mailing purposes, could put in one card and then say come to annual meeting to pick up extra cards
      17. R Rotter wonders if could mail separate postcards with membership cards embedded
        1. D Lamb says there’s limits on postcards
      18. Need someone to talk to Econoprint
        1. We want them to do the mailing work
      19. C Kreimendahl says idea is to mail these things of value so that they get to each household. Don’t want to stick them between doors and can’t put them in mailbox. C Kreimendahl asks if there’s a consensus to mailing membership cards.
        1. P Schell says can’t make decision without knowing the cost
      20. C Kreimendahl says get consensus decision via email after T Jarvis and M Armstrong talk to Econoprint
    2. Membership Reminder
      1. We have sent postcards targeted to people who hadn’t yet signed up (last year sent it to everyone and it cost a lot of money) but we got 60 more people to sign up after the postcard (so we recouped cost).
      2. C Kreimendahl asks if they can do bulk mail from the printer
        1. R Rotter says mailed picnic cards for $260 to mail to everyone a postcard. So if get 20 people to register after postcard mailing ,you pay for the sending of the card.
      3. T Jarvis can extract those who haven’t enrolled yet.
      4. E Rogers says for every $1 spent, we get $3 so we should do this all the time
      5. D Lamb has postcard file
      6. C Kreimendahl gone in July so can’t do postcard this year.
      7. R Rotter is pretty sure Jill just emails Econoprint and they do everything
      8. S Fitzsimmons says he can put membership forms out at neighborhood watch meetings as a reminder, too
      9. D Lamb can pull up postcard and see what’s there. She’ll talk to Jill and if all she needs to do is send card to Econoprint and get address list from Tom, she can do it
      10. Seem to be doing good on members this year compared to where we were at this point last year
      11. T Jarvis thinks neighborhood watch is bringing in more people
  6. Segoe Park Summer Concerts - D Lamb
    1. Good news and bad news. Good news: sent application permit forms to Park district, as well as $100 check. Bad news: thought she had three bands but one band backed out. D Lamb went over to Segoe Park and sure band can fit under overhang and amplification seems fine. Need someone there with membership forms. Have people on the radar for next year that can’t make dates this year.
    2. Make Music Madison at Segoe Park. E Rogers says it was a rousing success. There was plenty of shade, weather was perfect, used P Haskew’s inverter for power, bands that played were satisfied with amplification (loud enough that people could hear but zero neighbor complaints).
      1. J Chipault asked how many people there
        1. 7 hours of music and probably peaked at 50 people. Kids played while people played. No Name String Band was most popular
          1. J Chipault says, considering how many music opportunities there were throughout city, 50 is a good crowd
  7. Garage Sales - Board
    1. First the Picnic - Jill Carlson sent C Kreimendahl email saying that HyVee fixed prices and charged us what they charged last year. They compared billing from last year to this year and realized how we were charged last year. Total now $1050, which is closer to $4 per person.
      1. Great picnic turn-out this year
        1. F Stautz suggests more activities for kids at picnic – balloon guy, fire truck. Nothing but playground for kids this year.
          1. Can visit this issue early next spring
    2. Garage Sale – Jill Carlson in charge of this, too. She said it’s not online yet to register but she has it set up so that people can send payment and then people deliver kits.
      1. T Jarvis says Jill usually sends T Jarvis the information but she hasn’t yet
        1. D Lamb says she has it for back page of newsletter
          1. T Jarvis can extract back page of newsletter as PDF for online form
      2. A few new members signed up for membership at the picnic (new people to neighborhood). Can’t pay online for garage sale – just can get form online.
  8. Announcements - Board
    1. Kids Clubhouse happened. C Kreimendahl got note from member who lives near there and she’s helping out to get things going this spring. C Kreimendahl got email around Memorial Day saying there were only 3 people but they got the word out and by a week or 10 days later they had 10 kids. Haven’t heard anything different so think it’s going.
      1. How many participants?
        1. Think last year was 12 regulars and every day was around 20 kids since drop-ins allowed
    2. Someone at the picnic mentioned to C Kreimendahl that she thought “Why don’t we have a neighborhood Christmas caroling group?” and C Kreimendahl suggested she spearhead it and we could use the website to advertise. They could get a group of singers and go door-to-door.
      1. D Lamb says this would be a good excuse to invite people over to listen to carolers.
        1. Don’t think anyone got the name of the woman at the picnic that mentioned this idea.
          1. Could put it in fall newsletter that someone brought it up and we need someone to head effort
    3. C Kreimendahl has been getting emails about Bison Prairie and Tokay Boulevard. Bison Prairie doesn’t look good (weeds). City mows it and isn’t consistent about what they do and there’s a rock circle so there’s a limit on where they take their equipment. Emailers proposed that the committee come up with a plan; but there is no committee. Someone else said Tokay Blvd doesn’t look good. These are people that used to do a lot of work on these projects
      1. D Lamb says some of the beds don’t look that great because done piece by piece but $100,000 plan that Nan Lager got from architecture students is too much money so what we can do. Could try to get people to adopt a block (instead of just their house) and put in ground cover so that city never has to mow? Maybe start on two ends of Tokay and work in?
      2. M Armstrong says they tore up the boulevard recently so it’s just recouping
        1. E Rogers suggests touching base with Alder Cheeks and to make sure they aren’t going to dig up median again soon before making bigger plans
      3. D Lamb got disposition on construction of Mineral Point road. In general there will be one lane going all directions but no left turns from soon until October.
      4. C Kreimendahl will communicate this to Nan Lager. We knew when Janice Gary retired that Bison Prairie would suffer a big loss.
        1. T Jarvis says there are registered volunteers – 17 for neighborhood planting/beautification and 24 donated money.
          1. D Lamb asks if names have been pass to Nan Lager?
            1. T Jarvis did earlier but list not final yet.
      5. M Armstrong says people that live at townhouses at Odana and Segoe do great landscaping and she asked if they would be willing to take on gardening around our new neighborhood sign and they would likely do it if had budget for plants.
        1. C Kreimendahl says have them contact Nan and him.
    4. J Chipault gone August and September so will need substitute note-taker
  9. Adjourned 7:55

Notes recorded by J Chipault, secretary