MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

August 2015 Area Directors' Meeting Minutes

Tom Jarvis Tuesday 01 of September, 2015
Midvale Heights Community Association Board Meeting
Tuesday, August 25, 2015 – 6:45 p.m. – Sequoya Branch Library

Area directors present: Chuck Kreimendahl, Denise Lamb, Floyd Stautz, Greg Fischer, Ron Rotter, Jim Thoreson, Gary Poulson, Kay Reuter-Krohn, Tom Jarvis, Tim Trapp, Peter Schell, Mary-Jane Armstrong, Jonn Lager, Ed Rogers

Also attending: Cathy Rotter, Steve Fitzsimmons, Randy Peterson

  1. Call to Order & Introductions
  2. June minutes approved w/o alteration
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    1. New & Improved Report
      1. Money has moved around among the various accounts
      2. This month’s report has the new balances side-by-side with the old balances.
    2. No questions
  4. Membership Drive Update
    1. T Jarvis closes online registration
      1. Mailed in registrations are still pending entry
    2. Room for one or 2 more addresses in the directory
    3. Directory is ready to go to EconoPrint
      1. Haven’t submitted to EconoPrint yet
    4. C Kreimendahl asks what will we need to do for directory delivery.
      1. MHCA volunteers will stuff envelopes
      2. MHCA will pay extra for varying weight mailings
      3. T Jarvis requests that envelope stuffing happen at his home.
    5. D Lamb asks if we need to worry about Membership Cards having expiration date of 9/1/16
      1. Should not be an issue
    6. T Jarvis has received some complaints from residents who have not yet received their cards
      1. We’ll get them out ASAP
    7. C Kreimendahl asks for volunteers to keep some availability to stuff envelopes at the end of the week or over Labor Day weekend
    8. Mary-Jane Armstrong asks what our plans are regarding more reminder postcards this year
      1. T Jarvis wishes the reminder postcards had a full membership form included
      2. Gary Poulson asks if reminder postcards have once again paid for themselves with memberships
        1. C Kreimendahl says we don’t know yet, but will check before next meeting so we can decide
    9. T Jarvis notes that this year may be a bumper crop of registrations; MHCA already has nearly 500 members
      1. Selection of Midvale Messenger delivery via e-mail has doubled since last year
    10. T Jarvis notes that we are very close to benchmark 457 members of the Neighborhood Watch email newsletter
      1. S Fitzsimmons notes that 457 is the number of officers in the Madison Police Department
  5. Neighborhood Annual Meeting Plans
    1. D Lamb calls for suggestions for speaker
      1. Gary Poulson talked with Alder Mo Cheeks, suggests we consider Superintendent Jen Cheatham
      2. C Kreimendahl suggests WI author Jerry Apps
      3. R Rotter suggests travel writer Gary Knowles
      4. G Poulson suggests Sarah Day of American Players Theatre
        1. Her performance schedule may not accommodate the meeting this year
      5. R Peterson asks if the neighborhood has a mission statement
        1. E Rogers finds brief statement of purpose on the MHCA homepage:
          1. The Midvale Heights Community Association was incorporated in 1954 to "...provide an organization through which the members are better able to deal with the civic problems in the community as well as to provide an organization to promote the recreational, educational and social life of their community."
        2. R Peterson suggests we choose a speaker who forwards our mission.
      6. MJ Armstrong suggests YWCA director Rachel Krinksy
      7. C Kreimendahl asks for vote by show of hands (voting as many times as you like), Area Directors only
        1. Top 3 vote getters are: Jen Cheatham, Jerry Apps, and Rachel Krinsky
    2. Gary Poulson asks the event start time
      1. D Lamb remembers 6:30 or possibly earlier. She will check her notes from previous years
    3. C Kreimendahl mentions the date will be October 27
    4. D Lamb proposes we create a bulletin board of what we’ve accomplished with photos
    5. J Thoreson suggests we invite Officer Pailing to the meeting
      1. Not necessarily to speak, but to give him a chance to put it on his calendar
  6. Garage Sales
    1. C Kreimendahl reports that Jill has set everything up and the sales will be on 9/4 & 9/5
    2. T Jarvis notes that the number of sale locations has fallen from years past
    3. C Kreimendahl reports that Jill is retiring, is happy to hand off all materials to a successor
    4. J Thoreson asks how many people are volunteering to help with the garage sale on the membership registration forms
      1. T Jarvis finds 2 people. One of whom is Jill
    5. R Peterson suggests we move the garage sale to an earlier weekend
  7. Concert Series
    1. D Lamb reports 35 people at the Jazz concert and 80 people at the Cajun band
      1. Worth doing again; many people requested more performances in the future
      2. Should have no trouble getting 3 bands next year
      3. Permitting process should go more smoothly and simply next year
    2. D Lamb believes the event should be moved back from 6:30 start to 7pm
    3. D Lamb also believes moving closer to Solstice for later light would help
    4. D Lamb suggests a generic “Live Music Friday” banner to advertise to the street
    5. E Rogers thanks D Lamb for all the great work
    6. MJ Armstrong asks if we can invite a food cart, paying whatever permitting fees are required
      1. R Peterson suggests we have the food cart park in a neighbor’s driveway across from the park
    7. J Lager notes that Research Park has open parking lots in the evenings
  8. Midvale Messenger printing
    1. D Lamb notes that we print 500 per issue, when nearly 200 members request e-mail delivery only
  9. C Kreimendahl introduces R Peterson
    1. Thanks him for his work with plantings under our new neighborhood sign
    2. R Rotter makes a motion:
      1. MHCA will donate $200.00 to landscaping on sign on Odana Lane
      2. Motion passes
    3. R Peterson reports that this city has not given him any trouble with his landscaping
    4. D Lamb suggests a mowing friendly ground-cover
  10. Low Power FM Radio Station
    1. T Jarvis received an email regarding the relocation of a 100 Watt FM radio station to the 600 block of Orchard Dr
    2. S Fitzsimmons wonders if they can promote the Neighborhood Watch
  11. F Stautz is moving
    1. MHCA will need to find a replacement for Area Director for Area 10
  12. R Peterson suggests we consider having a neighborhood harvest season bonfire
  13. Meeting adjourned at 8:20

Notes recorded by Ed Rogers