MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

September 2015 Area Directors' Meeting Minutes

edrogers Tuesday 29 of September, 2015
Midvale Heights Community Association Board Meeting
Tuesday, September 22, 2015 - 6:45pm - Sequoyah Branch Library

Area Directors Present: T. Trapp, D. Lamb, W. Weber, G. Fischer, R. Rotter, C. Kreimendahl, P. Haskew, T. Jarvis, G. Poulson, P. Schell, E. Rogers
Also Attending: Steve Fitzsimmons

6:47pm Meeting called to order
  1. Introductions
    1. W. Weber to take F. Stautz's seat for remainder of 2 year term

  2. Previous minutes approved
  3. Treasurer's report
    1. Only about $390 of activity
    2. Garage sale made about $190
    3. There may be a few outstanding checks for special events
      1. Special events column in report to be zeroed out after accounts are settled

  4. Membership drive debrief
    1. Tom sent an email to the board, subject line: "Information about MHCA registrations" 9/22
      1. C Kreimendahl asks if Area Directors could follow-up on the comments from registrants in their Area
    2. Tom sent a 2nd email, in response to E Rogers request, subject line: "MHCA Registrations after the Reminder Cards were sent out"
      1. The weekly registration totals indicate that reminder postcards sent to the neighborhood certainly cover the cost of production and postage
    3. P Haskew thanks T Jarvis for his industrious effort getting so much done this year
      1. Board gives a round of applause
    4. T Jarvis describes difficulties presented by the printing company
    5. E Rogers asks whether there would be value in sending out a 2nd round of cards
      1. T Jarvis believes there might not be enough sign ups to make it worth a 2nd round
    6. D Lamb mentions that it's not much additional labor. The additional cost is primarily in printing and postage

  5. Annual meeting : 10/27
    1. G Poulson gets Superintendent J Cheatham to agree to attend at 6:30, speaking first
    2. C Bayrd and M Cheeks have been invited to attend
      1. M Cheeks will be late
      2. C Bayrd sends her regrets
    3. D Lamb is asking board members to bring treats (cookies, etc.) to annual meeting, as in year's past.
    4. D Lamb can get postcards printed by the end of this week. She will be out of town and can't help with slapping on labels and mailing.
      1. C Kreimendahl offers to help
    5. C Kreimendahl mentions elections are pending
      1. J Butler is resigning from co-director of Area 13
    6. G Poulson offers to buy coffee
    7. D Lamb offers to bring cider
    8. R Rotter asks whether we have the room booked
      1. Mary usually does that at the beginning of the year

  6. S Fitzsimmons has Neighborhood Watch business
    1. We need $150 for the church that hosts our meetings ($25/meeting)
    2. Could we also donate $100 for K9 unit? Previously approved by board
      1. Donation will be presented to “Capital K9s” at the next NW meeting
    3. S Fitzsimmons will be speaking on the radio (local LPFM station)
      1. Crime updates and recordings of Neighborhood Watch meetings
    4. T Jarvis suggests mentioning the radio broadcasts to neighbor who doesn't have computer and wishes to see crime updates included in the Midvale Messenger

  7. P Haskew proposes a motion that MHCA expresses regret to each alder on Common Council that the proposed police station on mineral pt road may be delayed due to downtown development
    1. G Poulson asks to abstain due to mention of “downtown development”
    2. R Rotter proposes amendment to motion:
      1. MHCA emails each alder on Common Council expressing regret that the proposed police station on Mineral Pt road may be delayed.
    3. Amendment accepted by P Haskew & second
    4. G Fischer mentions that delaying this project will be costly in terms of rising costs, inflation, etc.
    5. S Fitzsimmons mentions worsening staff & resource shortfalls
    6. Motion as amended passes.

  8. T Jarvis mentions that Neighborhood Watch has hit 457 members in September
    1. Equal to the number of Madison Police Department officers

Meeting is adjourned at 7:28