MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

September 2005 Area Director's Meeting minutes

Tom Jarvis Wednesday 21 of May, 2008
Midvale Heights Community Association
Board of Directors Meeting
September 27, 2005


Present: S. Sussman (presiding), G. Poulson, J. Sweet, M. Hoffman, M Silbernagel, P. Baker, D. Lamb, C. Bunge, T. Jarvis, R. Rotter, J. Sherwood, C. Robida, J. Gary, C. Henige, G. Merriman

Also attending: Cindy Thomas, Carousel Bayrd, Stephanie Miksell

1. Introductions: Those present at the meeting introduced themselves.

2. Minutes: The minutes of the June 28, 2005 meeting were approved as distributed.

3.Treasurer’s report: R. Rotter distributed a report, showing an ending cash balance of $17,822,35, including details for various areas of activity. The Board discussed various aspects of the report.

4. County report: R. Fyrst was unable to attend the meeting, and there was no county report.

5. City report: C. Thomas made a brief report on various city issues. Board members asked questions and shared ideas with her.

6. Midvale Heights sign repair update: S. Sussman announced that the MHCA sign at Odana and Segoe had been replaced at a total cost of some $2,200. The City of Madison has a fund that covers such replacement, and he will submit a request for payment to the appropriate office.

7. Vacancies: S. Sussman announced that Dan Nason had resigned as Area 10 Director, due to his wife’s illness. A thank-you card was circulated among Board members for signature. The positions of garage sale coordinator, Santa visit coordinator, and newsletter advertisement coordinator are vacant, also. Stephanie Mikesell informed the Board that she would be willing to coordinate the Santa visit program if she had someone to work with her on recruiting persons to act as Santas. After discussion, the Board directed that all these vacancies be mentioned in the Messenger.

8. Gateway Project Update: J. Sweet reported that the seeding of the Gateway area around the bison had been completed by the landscape company. The area will have low maintenance grass.

9. Bulk mailing of the newsletter: This matter was tabled until a later meeting.

10. Midvale Plaza community input: S. Sussman and D. Lamb reported that the owner and developer of Midvale Plaza had been very cooperative in providing information on plans for upgrading Midvale Plaza. Difficulties in getting definite information from the City regarding the expansion of Sequoya Branch Library had been holding things up. A meeting was scheduled for October 18 to gather information and ideas from neighborhood residents regarding the plaza area.

11. Odana pond and senior center updates: S. Sussman announced that the Parks Commission had approved the building of a senior center in Odana School Park. Fundraising will be required for the project to go forward. S. Sussman announced that neighborhood residents still had concerns regarding taking water from Odana Pond for the groundwater recharging project. More hearings were planned.

12. Annual meeting: Usually, the annual meeting of the Association is held in October. Due to the shortness of time to plan such a meeting, the Board decided to delay the annual meeting until November. A note will be placed in the newsletter announcing that the annual meeting, without any special programming, will be held November 22, 2005.

13. Garage Sale update: C. Robida reported that the neighborhood garage sale was a success, with 73 individuals holding sales. Revenue over expenses amounted to over $300.

14. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned 8:45 p.m.

Charles Bunge, Secretary