MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

November 2007 Area Director's Meeting minutes

Tom Jarvis Sunday 25 of May, 2008
Midvale Heights Community Association
Board of Directors Meeting
November 27, 2007


Present: J. Sweet, M. Silbernagel, D. Lamb (presiding), C. Bunge, T. Jarvis, R. Rotter, J. Sherwood, C. Robida, J. Gary, J. Lager, D. Reuter-Krohn, P. Baker

Also attending: Floyd Stautz, Carousel Bayrd

1. Minutes: The minutes for the October 23 meeting and the 2007 Annual meeting were approved.

2. Treasurer=s report: R. Rotter distributed a treasurer’s report, showing a cash balance of $16,479.43, along with charts showing income and expenditures. He announced that the Association membership directory had been mailed to members. Board members indicated that they had received theirs.

3. City report: Thuy Pham-Remmele was unable to attend the meeting, and there was no City report.

4. County report: Carousel Bayrd made a brief report concerning County Board matters, including the fact that the County budget had passed, containing increased funding for human services.

5. Election: D. Lamb asked for a motion that a slate of nominees for officers, consisting of the incumbents, be elected as officers for 2007/08. Motion made, seconded, and passed. Motion was made to elect Floyd Stautz Area Director for Area 10. Motion seconded and passed.

6. Annual Meeting and neighborhood plan update: D. Lamb made a brief report on the Annual Meeting. Board members who attended commented that the meeting was very interesting and successful. She reported that the neighborhood planning project was proceeding and that she had received a draft contract for the grant from the City. She indicated that additional fund raising would be necessary. She announced that a member of the Association had called indicating the intention to make a donation to the Association, and that he had agreed that support of the planning effort would be a good use of these funds. Board members agreed.

7. Neighborhood watch program: C. Robida reported that he had met with representatives of the Meadowood, Orchard Ridge, and Prairie Hills neighborhoods to work up a proposal for a grant under the City’s 2007 Allied and Emerging Neighborhoods program. This proposal had been submitted to the City, with the ideas that any funds received would be divided among the four neighborhoods to support neighborhood watch efforts. In the course of the discussion the following actions were taken, by consensus or by motion: C. Robida was confirmed as the chair of the reactivated Neighborhood Watch Committee, with J. Gary and others (to be recruited) as members. C. Robida was authorized to act on behalf of MHCA as coordinator of the grant, if received, including the use of MHCA as the fiscal agent for the grant.

8. Reports: D. Lamb and J. Gary gave brief reports on their attendance at presentations at the Mayor’s Roundtable on neighborhoods. C. Bunge made a brief report on his findings regarding the future of La Brioche, including the fact that La Brioche was very unlikely to continue its location at the Midvale Plaza location and that it was likely to relocate on the near west side. C. Bunge reported that the Sequoya Branch Library fundraising committee had reached its initial funding goal. M. Silbernagel reported that the Friends of Sequoya Branch was still looking for space for storing gift books and for holding their book sales.

9. Newsletter: D Lamb and P. Baker asked for comments and suggestions regarding the Association newsletter. Discussion and suggestions followed. D. Lamb referred the Board to the draft statement of policies and procedures for the newsletter dated 6/07, which had been distributed earlier. C. Bunge indicated that some further editing had been done on the document. The Board approved, by consensus, the document as policies and procedures to guide the production and distribution of the newsletter.

10. Website advertising by churches: D. Lamb indicated that she had received a request from the Westwood Christian Church for some sort of presence on the MHCA website and asked the Board for advice. Board members suggested that a link for the church be made on the “Neighbors” webpage of the MHCA website. T. Jarvis indicated that he would do this and that he would contact the church with this information. He also announced that he was moving the website to a new computer server, with some changes in the website. Board members made suggestions for other possible changes and improvements.

11. Announcements: P. Baker announced that the submission deadline for the January issue of the newsletter was December 15.

12. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:35.

Charles Bunge, Secretary