MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

October 2007 Area Director's Meeting minutes

Tom Jarvis Sunday 25 of May, 2008
Midvale Heights Community Association
Board of Directors Meeting
October 23, 2007

Present: J. Sweet, M. Hoffman, M. Silbernagel, D. Lamb (presiding), R. and R. Meihsner, C. Bunge, T. Jarvis, R. Rotter, C. Robida, J. Gary, J. Lager
Also attending: Chardel Johntson, Thuy Pham-Remmele, Greg Bell, Judy Skog

1. Minutes: The minutes for the June 26 and September 25, 2007 meetings were approved, with two spelling corrections in item 13 of the September minutes (“Westwood” for “Westside” and “Johnston” for “Johnson”).

2. Treasurer=s report: R. Rotter distributed a treasurer’s report, showing a balance of $18,561.53, along with charts showing income and expenditures. He announced that the Association membership directory would be distributed soon.

3. City report: Thuy Pham-Remmele made a brief report on matters of City government. She indicated that she was attempting to get adequate funds budgeted for gypsy moth spraying. In discussion of her report Greg Bell provided information and handouts on gypsy moths, especially on the importance of destroying their egg clusters in the autumn.

4. County report: Carousel Bayrd was unable to attend the meeting, and there was no county report.

5. Neighborhood plan update: D. Lamb presented a report on progress on the neighborhood plan project:
  • All the required paperwork for the grant from the City had been completed.
  • The last scheduled neighborhood listening session was scheduled for Thursday, October 25, on the topics of safety and neighborhood watch.
  • The response rate for the neighborhood survey was quite good for such surveys, and the data from the returns were entered by volunteers. Preliminary analysis would be presented at the Annual Meeting.
  • The Planning Committee was preparing a "Request for Qualifications" to be used in hiring a consultant for the project.

6. Annual Meeting: D. Lamb announced that plans were in place for the Annual Meeting on November 8. The focus of the speakers would be on the neighborhood planning process. There would be sign-up sheets for people interested in various aspects or concerns of the planning process. T. Jarvis would have a slide presentation on the history of the neighborhood. The business meeting would include election of Area Directors from odd-numbered areas. The Board agreed that the flier announcing the meeting should be mailed as soon as possible and that refreshments should be purchased from La Brioche.

7. Newsletter: D Lamb indicated that copy for the November issue of the newsletter had been submitted and that Paul Baker was working on layout, etc. New editing software had been purchased. The issue would go to the printer around November 1. C. Bunge distributed a draft statement of policies and procedures for the newsletter, with the request that Board members read it over and be prepared to discuss, amend, and adopt it at a future meeting.

8. Neighborhood watch update: M. Silbernagel indicated that she had contacted Greg Schuler to see if he would be willing to provide leadership in establishing a neighborhood watch program for the neighborhood. He said that he was unable to do so. Several Board members remarked on the desirability of having such a program. G. Robida indicated that he was willing to work on this matter, which was to be at topic of discussion at the several upcoming meetings.

9. La Brioche: Board members and guests reported hearing from various sources that the La Brioche bakery might not be a tenant in the redeveloped Midvale Plaza. After various expressions of concern, C. Bunge distributed a draft of a proposed letter to the developer and the owner of La Brioche, asking for information and offering the Board’s help to keep the bakery in the plaza. With some suggestions for changes, the Board agreed that the letter should be sent and that C. Bunge should be the contact person, as Secretary of the Association.

10. Bison Prairie Gateway: Greg Bell gave a report on several matters related to the Gateway area (written report attached to file copy of the minutes). The Bisons’ artist, Bill Grover, examined the sculptures and spent some four hours with G. Bell, repairing cracks, with more to be done. Completion and installation of the interpretative sign, authorized earlier by the Board, was delayed. G. Bell suggested that the Association offer to pay Bill Grover $150 for his time and materials. Motion made, seconded, and passed to do this and to reimburse G. Bell $16.82 for expenses involved in seeding and Bison repair activities. Motion made, seconded, and passed to authorize G. Bell to see to timely repair of any vandalism that might occur at the Gateway site.

11. Mayor’s Neighborhood Roundtable: D. Lamb reminded the Board of the roundtable meeting on November 3. Several Board members indicated that they planned to attend.

12. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Charles Bunge, Secretary