MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

April 2011 Area Directors' Meeting Minutes

cabunge Tuesday 03 of May, 2011
Midvale Heights Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting

April 26, 2011


Present: C. Kreimendahl, G. Poulson, J. Sweet, M. Silbernagel, D. Lamb (presiding), C. Bunge, T. Jarvis, R. Rotter, F. Stautz, J. Gary, S. Schmidt, K. Reuter-Krohn

Also present: Cathy Rotter, Matt Phair, Greg Fischer, Ellen Bergfeld, Norman Flynn, Wes Meixelsperger, Judy Skog, Mike Slavney, Jim Batt, Dorothy Batt, Mike Scott, Julie Furset, Patrick Doran, Nicholas Keene.

1. 677 S. Segoe Rd. parcel: Ellen Bergfeld, Norman Flynn, and Wes Meixelsperger, representing the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America, owners of the 677 S. Segoe Rd. parcel, introduced themselves. Their purpose for attending the meeting was to see how they might help the process of gaining the Board’s approval of a development plan for the site, so that the sale of the parcel to the developer might be finalized. Mr. Flynn, a consultant to the societies, had been in touch with the developer, and he felt that there was some room for compromise between the concerns of the neighborhood and the needs of the developer. Board members and others in attendance voiced their concerns, especially about the four-story height of the project and the density in the number of apartments or residents proposed. Various alternatives for the site were mentioned. At least one person present indicated that the proposed development was preferable to having the site sit empty or be developed with a lower quality project. Mr. Flynn indicated that the developers might find it financially feasible to bring down the height of the project to three stories and to bring down the density by lowering the number of bedrooms (but not the number of units from 64). He asked if the Board could make a commitment to support such a project. Board members indicated that they would have to see quite specific proposals for the entire project before they could agree to support it.

2. Minutes: The minutes of the February 22, 2011 and March 22, 2011 meetings were approved as distributed.

3. Treasurer’s report: R. Rotter reported that there had been some income and some expenditures since his last printed report, but that the Association was still solvent. D. Lamb indicated that she was nearly ready for a final accounting regarding the neighborhood plan .

4. Membership drive: S. Schmidt and G. Fischer indicated that Paul Haskew had signed some 15 businesses for participation in a MHCA member discount card program. They passed around a sample card and promotional piece. Membership Committee members expected to add other businesses to the program. Motion was made, seconded, and passed that the Board approve the membership discount card concept as a benefit of membership. Discussion confirmed that the there would be annual, rather than two-year, memberships and that the newsletter would become a perquisite of membership. D. Lamb indicated that she would publish an information piece and a membership application form in the next issue of the newsletter. After a period of time for response to this, a mailing would be made to residents who had not signed up.

5. Annual picnic: C. Lamb announced that Christine Sveom had found a committee member to replace Ruth Monson and that the picnic was scheduled for June 23, 2011, with a June 30 rain date. Motion made, seconded, and passed that the same amount of money be budgeted for this year’s picnic as was spent on last year’s picnic.

6. Green Team: J. Gary and J. Sweet announced that the cleanup date for the Tokay Blvd. beds would be April 23. J. Gary shared information and pictures about the controlled burnoff at the Bison Prairie Gateway.

7. Alder report: Matt Phair reported he had been appointed to several City committees. He urged Board members to contact him with concerns and ideas. He and G. Poulson shared the information that alder redistricting might split Midvale Heights between two districts. An informational meeting on this matter was scheduled for May 12.

8. Announcements and information: Mike Slavney announced that the new City-wide zoning map will be available soon. D. Lamb indicated that Cindi Henige had lined up two volunteers to replace her as the coordinator of newsletter distribution. Judy Skog announced that the Community Car that had been planned for Sequoya Commons would not be placed there, due to the lack of financial support for the placement. D. Lamb indicated that she would place a notice in the newsletter that the 2011 neighborhood garage sale would not be held unless volunteers to coordinate it stepped forward. J. Skog volunteered to conduct a walking tour of neighborhood “green” projects such as alternative gardens and solar homes. Board members reacted positively to the idea of MHCA sponsoring such a tour. G. Fischer distributed some information on recent home sales in the neighborhood.

9. Adjournment: Motion was made, seconded, and passed to adjourn.

Charles Bunge, Secretary