MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

October 2011 Annual Meeting minutes

cabunge Monday 07 of November, 2011

Midvale Heights Community Association

Annual Meeting

October 25, 2011


The MHCA Annual Meeting was held at Sequoya Branch Library on October 25, 2011, with some 30 persons in attendance. Denise Lamb welcomed those attending and invited them to enjoy refreshments.

Business Meeting (Denise Lamb, presiding)

Introduction: D. Lamb called the business meeting to order. She made a brief report on activities of the Association Board over the past year. Members present asked questions and made comments on her report and other neighborhood matters.

Election of Area Directors: D. Lamb presented the slate of nominees for Area Directors for areas l, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15, consisting of the incumbents, except for the nomination of Jim Thoreson for Area 3. She invited further nominations. There were none. Motion was made and seconded that nominations be closed and that the slate be elected. The motion passed with no negative votes.

Other business: The following resolution was moved, seconded, and passed (with a round of applause): A resolution of thanks and recognition for Jean Sweet. Thanks for her many years of effective work as a Board Member for MHCA and as a member of countless committees and working groups. And recognition that our neighborhood is a better and more beautiful place to live, as a result of her hard work and leadership.

Also adopted with a round of applause was a resolution of thanks to Denise Lamb for her years of hard and effective work as President of the Association.

There being no other business, the business meeting adjourned to the program.


D. Lamb introduced Eric Christianson, who gave a talk on recent changes to Wisconsin election laws and their probable impact on voting in Madison. Questions and discussion followed. Carousel Bayrd and Matt Phair made brief remarks on matters before the City Council and the County Board, especially budget matters.

Charles Bunge