MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

March 2013 Area Directors' Meeting Minutes

Tom Jarvis Tuesday 26 of March, 2013
Midvale Heights Community Association
Board of Directors Meeting
March 26, 2013

Present: Chuck Kreimendahl, Gary Poulson, Jim Thoreson, Denise Lamb, Paul Haskew, Charles Bunge, Tom Jarvis, Ron Rotter, Floyd Stautz, Ed Rogers, Jenny Chipault, Jason Butler, Jonn Lager, Kay Reuter-Krohn
Also Present: Cathy Rotter, Nan Lager, Carl Haidar, Jeremy Gosch, Chris Pedretti, Maurice Cheeks

  1. Meeting was called to order at 6:45 pm.

  2. Hy Vee representatives Gosch and Haidar made a presentation concerning the opening of the new Hy Vee store at Westgate. The company is employee-owned and it is anticipated that 500 jobs will be generated at the Westgate location. After a description of the many amenities that this store will have in place, Gosch and Haidar responded to several questions. It is up to the manager of the store (Haidar) to respond to solicitations for local groups. The store will be open 24 hours and will feature a pharmacy with a drive-up lane. There will be a community room available for use. It is likely that our ward’s polling place will be located there. The anticipated opening of the store will be in May. Gosch had no information regarding possible plans for the rest of Westgate Mall.

  3. C. Pedretti from the City’s Parks Department spoke about the search for westside dog parks. A plan has been proposed for use of Odana School Park as a dog park location. Pedretti explained the dog park program and the permitting requirements. Several locations are under consideration and it is expected that more than one will be selected. The next step is to circulate a survey to the neighborhood. It will be available on-line and paper copies. Responding to a question, Pedretti said that the dog park would not be lighted. D. Lamb reminded board members that are recent neighborhood plan called for a dog park.

  4. C. Bunge suggested the board send a letter of support for the inclusion of Odana School Park as a dog park. Bunge moved and second by G. Poulson that: The Board of Midvale heights Community Association supports the concept of the City’s developing an off-leash dog park at Odana School Park as outlined at our March 26, 2013 meeting. The motion passed unanimously. [The adopted language was sent to Supt. Briski via email.]

  5. Minutes were approved.

  6. R. Rotter gave the treasurer’s report.

  7. Lamb provided the board with information on the upcoming block captain appreciation dinner. At this time only 20 people have responded. Lamb inquired of board member’s intentions. Most responded that they will attend. Some of the activities that night were described by Lamb and P. Haskew. It was noted that food carts have been showing up on Tuesdays near Midvale school. Food carts have been going to several neighborhoods in the city, starting last year. It would be nice our neighborhood would be on the schedule. Lamb would inquire about that possibility.

  8. J. Thoreson stated that the burn permits have been approved for Bison Prairie and the burn should take place in early spring. Thoreson also noted that Janice Gary needs help with the prairie this year.

  9. T. Jarvis reported on some website issues. We need to upgrade some of the software, especially if online registration is utilized. Rotter stated that we should reimburse Jarvis for his efforts in maintaining and upgrading our website.

  10. The meeting adjourned at approx. 8 pm.

Minutes by Gary Poulson, Secretary