MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

August 2017 Meeting Minutes

chuckkrei Monday 04 of September, 2017

TUESDAY August 22, 2017, 6:45 pm
Present: E. Rogers, J. Thoreson, P. Schell, D. Lamb, E. Mackey, T. Jarvis, R. Rotter, J. Chipault, S. Fitzsimmons, J. Lager, N. Lager,

  1. E. Rogers called the meeting to order at 6:50pm
  2. Minutes of the previous meeting. Motion to approve; motion seconded. Minutes approved.
  3. Treasurer's Report
    1. Total Assets: $52,541.19. Total Liabilities: $0.00
  4. Insurance proof for use of Midvale Lutheran Community Center
    1. E. Mackey suggests we show the form to our insurance agent
    2. R. Rotter suggests we check "no insurance" for the box, though we should be, in fact, insured.
  5. Neighborhood Liaison Group:
    1. Wendy Reichel of the MH Neighborhood Watch would like to join other representatives of other NWs in the area as part of a Liaison Group
      1. Group would communicate via Google Groups
      2. Group would receive communications directly from the MPD
      3. Group is not an organization to voice political views
    2. E. Rogers asks board if there are any objections or concerns to the idea. None voiced.
  6. Annual Meeting:
    1. Speaker Ideas:
      1. D. Lamb suggests some ideas related to the 100th anniv of the state capitol
        1. Charlie Qualiana
        2. Someone from the WI Historical Society
      2. D. Lamb also suggests Jennifer Cheatham (Superintendent of MMSD)
      3. R. Rotter suggests Phil Pelliteri, a local entomologist
      4. P. Schell suggests a panel of long-time Midvale Heights residents
      5. D. Lamb suggests someone from City Forestry Department
      6. E. Mackey suggests some ideas related to conserving our environment
        1. Sustain Dane representative
        2. A panel of environmental groups
      7. J. Chipault suggests a wildlife ecology professor who lives on Keating Ave.
      8. E. Rogers suggests a representative of R.H.Johnson Co., the developer group in charge of Westgate Mall
      9. J. Thoreson suggests someone from the Hilldale Mall Development
      10. Board agrees to pursue a number of these suggestions and discuss what's feasible at the September meeting
    2. Legislators:
      1. Board agrees to invite all 4 state & local legislators to speak
    3. Postcards:
      1. D. Lamb will design and prep once a speaker is selected
  7. Concert Recap
    1. Attendance was 200+ for non-rainy dates
      1. Better advertising
      2. Better known bands
      3. Food carts present
    2. In the future, we'll ask food carts for approx. $20/cart/event
    3. Total costs: approx. $2,800
      1. Contributing: City Permit + Payment to Bands + Advertising + Rain Date Payment to Covenant Presbyterian
    4. Should get a new banner to advertise
    5. Considering getting port-a-potties
    6. Board thanks D. Lamb for her hard work
  8. N. Lager discusses new city median plans
    1. City wants to reduce the number of median flower beds on Tokay from 30 to 10.
    2. N. Lager is okay with this idea, as it can focus Green Team resources
    3. Carissa Wegner is our contact at the city
    4. City wants lower plantings (< 24 inches)
  9. T. Jarvis discusses the 2017 membership drive
    1. Only 440 members so far, a lower number than usual
      1. S. Fitzsimmons suggests a post on NextDoor.com
    2. T. Jarvis notes that lots of people have recently switched to hand-delivery
      1. He questions whether people might need a reminder of the e-delivery option
    3. T. Jarvis asks, who will update the city phone numbers in our directory
      1. D. Lamb volunteers
  10. Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm