MHCA Area Director's meeting minutes

September 2009 Area Directors' Meeting Minutes

cabunge Tuesday 29 of September, 2009
Midvale Heights Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting

September 22, 2009


Present: G. Poulson, J. Sweet, D. Lamb (presiding), P. Haskew,
C. Bunge, T. Jarvis, K. Reuter-Krohn

Also present: Jeff Maxted, Shelley Schmidt, Libby Maxted.

1. Roll call: D. Lamb ascertained that a quorum of Board members was not present and adjourned the meeting.

2. Informal discussion: Although no formal action could be taken, the Board members present agreed to hold informal discussion of several items on the agenda.

a. Annual Meeting: D. Lamb announced that plans were in place for the Annual Meeting on October 29. It would be held at Westwood Christian Church at 6:30 p.m. She would arrange for refreshments. An article about the meeting would appear in the newsletter, which was soon to be distributed.

b. SWANS update: D. Lamb and C. Bunge reported on the meeting, called by the South West Alliance of Neighborhoods and Dane County Council of Public Affairs on August 26. They distributed handouts from the meeting and reported that no action was taken to adopt the “Madison Residents Bill of Rights” or “The Madison Community Code of Conduct and Behavior,” which had been proposed by the sponsoring groups. There was brief discussion of what MHCA might or should do to promote community in the neighborhoods in the area.

c. Green team: J. Sweet reported that Janice Gary had fallen and broken her hip, but that she was recuperating in good spirits. She reported further that Janice requested that other Board members keep an eye on the Gateway area. A cleanup day for the Tokay median was scheduled for October 24, the same day as another garden tour.

d. Neighborhood plan: D. Lamb reported that the City Council had adopted the Midvale Heights-Westmorland Neighborhood Plan on a 19-1 vote. Board members expressed appreciation to D. Lamb and the joint committee for their hard and effective work on the project.

e. Other matters: P. Haskew reported that it was very hard and dangerous for pedestrians or bikers to cross Whitney way from the bus stop at the intersection of Odana Ln., Whitney Way, and Medical Cir. Board members encouraged him to see what might be done to improve this situation. Jeff Maxted asked if it would be possible for MHCA to facilitate a baby-sitting co-op, beyond the listing in the Association directory. In discussion on this matter those present agreed that the Jeff and the Board should pursue making the Association more useful to young families in the neighborhood.

Charles Bunge, Secretary